Fortnite: How to Get Exotic Weapons Storm Scout Sniper, Night Hawk, and Hop Rock Dualies—Guide

Fortnite: How to Get Exotic Weapons Storm Scout Sniper, Night Hawk, and Hop Rock Dualies-Guide
Fortnite exotic weapons like the Nighthawk, Storm Scout Sniper, and even the Hop Rock Dualies can be purchased within the game. Here's how to find them. Photo : Perfect Score/YouTube Screenshot

With Fortnite getting even more competitive, players would need to go a little further in order to get an advantage over others as the stakes get  higher. Exotic Weapons in Fortnite, aside from their aesthetic, also provide unique fighting which players can use as an advantage in order to dominate the enemy.

With the latest update reshuffling on how to get exotic weapons, we provide a guide on how players can now obtaiin the Storm Scout Sniper, Nighhawk and Hop Rock Dualies.

Fortnite: How to Get Exotic Weapons

Storm Scout Sniper

According to an article by DBLTap, players will be able to get the Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper exotic from the NPC called Mave. Here's the important points of getting this exotic weapon.

1. Mave can be found around the southeast edge of the map close to the cliff that is overlooking the coast.

2. The exotic Storm Scout Sniper can be purchased for 500 Gold Bars (less than half compared to buying from Lexa before the new update)

While it might not seem like much of a challenge, getting enough Gold Bars is still very annoying since the process might not only be difficult but also repetitive. Unless of course players are willing to spend in-game, then getting the Storm Scout Sniper exotic weapon will become much easier.


For those who want the Fortnite Nighthawk exotic location, players will need to first talk to Grimbles. This particular Gnome NPC can be seen quite near Mave. He is reportedly located somewhere northwest under the highlighted Coral Castle and to the left of Sweaty Sands, according to an article by Heavy

For those that still have a hard time, check out the maps to pinpoint exactly where to find him. Coincidentally, the Fortnite Nighthawk location is also filled with random challenges which might make things a little more complicated when it comes to buying the Nighthawk.

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Hop Rock Dualies

For those that want to get the Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies, they will need to look for Deadfire first. The location of Deadfire is quite simple as the NPC can be found in the middle of the desert in the Sheriff's Office. This is located somewhere northeast of the popular Zero Point and a bit southwest of the Colossal Coliseum.

The location, however, isn't mapped out in-game, but it is easy to spot since everything around is empty desert. Once again, players will have to buy the Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies from Deadfire for 500 Gold Bars. However, like all other Exotic weapons in the game, players will only get a minimum starting ammo, according to an article by GameRant.

It's important to note that these pistols take medium ammo and that they will hit for 43 damage. This means it's pretty possible to two-shot other players. The twin pistols also have a 3.96 fire rate and an 18 sized magazine. Of course, there are pros and cons. Reloading won't be an issue but rapid firing might be hard to do.

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