'Stardew Valley' Gift Guide: Here's What You Should Give Marnie and Willy

Receiving gifts in "Stardew Valley" is an exciting feature of the game as it allows prepare to get more points. Local rancher Marnie is one of the characters in the game who can help you with livestock, supplies, pets, and more. Meanwhile, local fishing expert Willy helps you with fishing needs at his shop in the beach. Here's a gift guide for Marnie and Willy so you will know what certain gifts they love and like.

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Marnie Loved Gifts

Giving Marnie a loved gift will grant you 80 frienship points after she says, “This is an incredible gift! Thanks!!” You can choose from the four gifts that Marnie loves.

First is the Farmer’s Lunch which can be cooked from an Omelet and a parsnip. You can also make her a Pink Cake by putting together melon, wheat flour, sugar, and an egg. The third gift that you can prepare for Marnie is a Pumpkin Pie with ingredients that include pumpkin, wheat flour, milk, and sugar. Lastly, she loves diamonds which are easy to find in "Stardew Valley," The Nerd Stash reports.

Marnie Liked Gifts

There are universal gifts like the Golden Pumpkin, pearls,rabbit’s feet,Prismatic Shards, Magic Rock Candy, cooked dishes, flowers and others.

However, there are only a few things that Marnie especially likes like Quartz from the mines, milks and all eggs (except the Void Eggs). Players should not forget to give Marnie a gift on her birthday on Fall 18.

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Willy Loved Gifts

If Willy loves your gift, he will say "Great gift," rewarding you with 80 friendship points. The gifts that he likes inlcude catfish, sea cucumber, octopus, and sturgeon. But as a fishing expert, he loves all fishes in general. Apart from that, he also loves diamonds, iridium bars, mead, and pumpkins.

You will get 8x the effect if you gift him on his birthday on Summer 84.

Willy Liked Gifts

You can give Willy any seafood meals but his favorites are Baked Fish, Crab Cakes, Fried Eel,Chowder, Fried Calamari,Carp Surprise, Fish Stew, Trout Soup, Crispy Bass, Salmon Dinner, Fish Taco, Lobster Bisque,and Seafoam Pudding. Of course, gold bars and quartz would be great gifts too.

You will know that Willy likes your gift when he says, “This looks great. Thank you!”

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