iPhone 13 Rumored to Have Up to 1TB of Storage--But Is Apple Way Behind Samsung and Asus?

iPhone 13 Rumored to Have Up to 1TB of Storage-But Is Apple Way Behind Samsung and Asus?
The new iPhone 13 rumors point to the phone potentially having up to 1TB of storage. This feature, however, isn't new as ASUS and Samsung already have it. Photo : EverythingApplePro EAP/YouTube

Aside from a smartphone's camera and speed capabilities, the memory is also vital. Although there are micro SDs that can be used in order to improve the smartphone memory, a number of users still prefer having additional storage on the phone itself.

Now, a new rumor is circulating that the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 will be having up to 1TB of storage.

Apple iPhone 13 Specs

For those smartphone users that usually can't stand not having all of their apps installed in one device, having 1TB of storage would allow the user to take a large step forward into downloading virtually a larger amount of apps compared to other low-storage phones. Aside from apps, with the 1TB of storage, other software would also be able to update themselves without taking any excess memory on the phone that leave users baffled where their extra memory went.

Apps aren't technically the only thing that takes a lot of memory. For those that like to download files or even toggle with the iPhone RAW photo mode for better photography results later on, having a 1TB would help the user store more files than they would usually be capable of doing.

Apple iPhone 13 Rumor

The news came from 9to5Mac indicating that the upcoming iPhone would have 1TB of storage. The rumor itself, however, was cited back to analysts coming from the investment firm known as Wedbush pointing towards the supply chain as evidence.

Currently, the largest amount of storage that consumers can get for their iPhone is up to 512 GB. With the iPhone 13 possibly having 1 TB of storage, this would be about twice the capability of the current iPhones.

This actually isn't the very first time that this specific iPhone 13 spec was rumored. A known Apple leaker Jon Prosser actually noted back in October that this particular feature could be possible. The leak was revealed on Twitter then appeared again in a video by Front Page Tech on YouTube. He then noted that most of the new iPhone 13 prototypes actually feature a whopping 1TB of storage.

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Apple iPhone 13 Memory Capacity

Prosser also noted back in early January that consumers are actually in the early stage of the Apple iPhone 13, and the prototypes are all that has surfaced so far. This means that there is basically not much information regarding the actual final product. He then told the audience that most of the given prototypes, according to him, actually still feature a whopping 1TB of storage. That is, for the prototypes for the Apple pro models, per the story by Gizmodo.

If the rumor proves to indeed be true, Apple wouldn't really be the very first company to make the 1TB phones since Samsung and Asus have already been offering phones equipped with 1TB of storage starting 2019.


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