PS Plus Free Game 2021: 'Maquette' Game Guide on How to Move the Red Cube

PS Plus Free Game 2021: 'Maquette' Game Guide on How to Move Red Cube
An upcoming puzzle game called "Maquette" is launching as a PS Plus free game this March. With that said, here's a guide to move the big red cube in the game. Photo : Annapurna Interactive/YouTube

Ever since the initial launch of the famous (but still scarce in PS5 restock) PlayStation 5, Sony has made it a regular habit of adding more games to the PlayStation Plus the exact same day that the said title launches. This makes the game very much playable for a wider audience since players can easily get it on the PS Plus.

PS Plus Free Games 2021

According to an article by GameRant, there are several games that will be released on PS Plus the same day the said title launches. For what it's worth, Sony had previously done the technique with the likes of "Destruction AllStars," "Bugsnax" and "Worms Rumble"--with the trend still continuing into March.

Among the PS Plus free games for March, though, is a brand new puzzle called "Maquette."

For those who haven't heard anything about it before, "Maquette" is published by Annapurna Interactive after what seemed like a really long and lengthy development cycle. However, it has the potential to become much larger than just another puzzle game, as it could also garner new attention from non-puzzle game players.

Maquette Puzzle Game

The development of the game even included Hollywood powerhouse talents like Bryce Dallas Howard in order to give the game more credibility. The official launch for the game is expected to be on March 2 for a number of different platforms. The good thing about it is that aside from the PS5 and the PS4, it can still be played on PC for those that don't have either console.

Annapurna Interactive actually released a video seven months ago that showed the game's intricate gameplay. Although the game is still yet to be released, the video itself showed a colorful and more indulging puzzle game in comparison to a lot of 2D puzzle games available. Most puzzles  nowadays feel a little distant when playing since the player cannot dive deep into what is happening within the game.

Maquette Game Guide

However, "Maquette" draws the player closer, requiring them to manipulate certain objects in order to be able to solve certain puzzles. This requires a whole "think-outside-the-box" perspective for the player to be able to solve those "seemingly unsolvable" puzzles.

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How to Move Red Cube?

The red cube is one of the ,ost  frustrating tasks in the game, since it is totally unmovable by itself and blocks a critical portion of the map. Here's how to move it.

  1. Locate the red cube near near the dome.

  2. Go inside the dome.

  3. Inspect the table with a mini map of the area.

  4. Click on the red cube.

  5. Drag the red cube out of the way to allow passage.

In a nutshell, "Maquette" will require players to do a lot  of stuff in order to pass the game. While it can be taxing, it is also definitely rewarding.

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