'Resident Evil 9' Leaks Surface Before 'RE:8 The Village' Releases on May—Is Capcom Rushing for 2024 Sequel?

A new Capcom game has been leaked to be coming, and that is reportedly the "Resident Evil 9." Interestingly, however, its predecessor "Resident Evil 8: The Village" is slated to come only in May.

The gaming company's plans for the next game in the "Resident Evil" franchise are generating a lot of buzz though, and fans are getting excited.

For some, it may be weird that Capcom has already leaked the game despite its earlier version not yet seen or released in public. For others, it is a massive thing as it suggests that the game is not yet planning to conclude. After all, several games have been ending the story of its popular lead characters in trilogies.

Resident Evil Resistance
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For what it's worth though, there are several games as well that built a massive franchise after a single title. Games such as "Final Fantasy," "The Legend of Zelda" and "Resident Evil" are some examples of these huge Japanese gaming franchises that have multiple titles and are already operating for decades of development. Moreover, these companies do not seem to be stopping anytime soon, as sequel after sequels is pouring in news and reports.

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'Resident Evil 9' Development Leaks Before 'RE:8 The Village' Release

According to trusted games leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1), "Resident Evil 9" is already in development and production and is slated for a 2024 release date for its platforms. While 2024 may be a long time for the sequel, most "Resident Evil" games have observed several years of gap on its releases.

The leaker has not yet revealed any elements, plot or characters behind the title, but one thing can be surmised from the leake: the game will be available no matter what the reception of "The Village" will be during its May release.

"Resident Evil 8: The Village" is one of the most anticipated games of 2021, and Capcom is making sure that it tops the quality that "RE:7" brought to its fans.

Aesthetic Gamer's leaks also suggest that the game's existence would not be revealed by Capcom anytime soon as it is expected to be unveiled in the coming years. Moreover, the leaker's assumption of a 2024 release date might be changed as it can be released earlier or later than the year it's initially speculated.

'Resident Evil 8: The Village' Release Date and More

Resident Evil 8
(Photo : Capcom)

According to Tech Times' report, the latest sequel of the franchise, "Resident Evil 8: The Village," would still feature Ethan Winters as the lead and would be diving in the horrific survival story it is set upon. The game is anticipated by its fans after waiting for more than four years already since "Biohazard's" 2017 release date for the PS4.

As promised by Capcom, the game is already coming in May, but preorders will only be received just days earlier than its actual global launch. Currently, the PS5 demo for the "Resident Evil 8" has featured the first-look on the first-person view setup of the game, which is different from its previous versions.

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