2021 Nintendo Switch to Boast Massive Upgrades--4K Resolution Graphics Teased!

2021 Nintendo Switch to Boast Massive Upgrades--4K Resolution Graphics Teased!
With the 2020 success of the popular Nintendo Switch, what could come next? Theories point towards games being played in 4K resolution. Photo : Neilson Barnard/Getty Image

Nintendo Switch has made quite a recognizable record-breaking performance in 2020, plunging through the ceiling and setting new standards. However, one might ask after all this success, what would happen next for the popular Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch 4K Resolution?

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, a newer model with a slightly larger OLED screen could come out this 2021.

Sources reportedly pointed out to an upcoming model that could feature 7-inch 720p OLED touch screens coming from Samsung Display as early as June. Since the property of the screen is rigid compared to the more flexible ones used in modern phone screens, the upcoming Nintendo Switch could actually be more affordable to buy.

The Bloomberg article also noted that the new Switch model will be capable of bringing out 4K resolution graphics. However, there is still no specifics regarding the upgraded hardware inside the model capable of handling the resolution which would be upgraded from NVIDIA Tegra-powered 1080p units.

Differences in Screen Size

It was noted that the original Switch design actually had an LCD measuring around 6.2inches. However, the Switch Lite in itself is actually different in terms of design, as the screen measures a consistent and sleek 5.5 inches--which means that larger display could potentially be more battery friendly.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that back in 2019, Nintendo had further update plans for the Switch in order to keep the total life cycle longer. Supply chains have suggested that there are also some plans for a new and "improved" model that should be hosting better screens and features.

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Nintendo Switch "Pro"

According to the story by IGN, however, this does not really mean that users will later be getting a "Switch Pro."

There is still no official name for the Nintendo Switch 2021, but it is worth remembering that the company has already released a new and updated Switch SKU that is capable of longer battery life but still with similar components and features just like the base model.

When analysts started speculating which features the potential Nintendo Switch Pro would have, there were really just two things that were put at top priority. This is for the device to be able to play both 4K games as well as high-resolution games. There has also been a lot of emphasis on the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch having something to do with putting more pressure on Nintendo to update their devices in order to keep up with the competition.

Despite the comparison between the Nintendo Switch (which doesn't directly have competitors in the portable console division) and the higher powered consoles like PS5 and the Xbox Series X, it's important to note that sales for the Nintendo Switch have actually surpassed the company's expectations. In fact, the Nintendo Switch has remained the best-selling console for a whopping two year streak!

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