Elon Musk Claims Tesla and Ford 'Only American Carmakers Not to Have Gone Bankrupt'

Elon Musk Claims Tesla and Ford 'Only American Carmakers Not to Have Gone Bankrupt'
Elon Musk notes that Tesla and Ford are the only American carmakers that have not gone bankrupt in the past. Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images

The car industry is definitely one of the most brutal and competitive industries that exist, not only because of the complications that come to creating a car but also rather due to the complications that come when selling the car and competing with giants. The car industry used to only have the familiar names of the first movers, but now, a relatively new player in the game in Tesla is shifting things around.

Elon Musk's Start in the Multi-Million World

Elon Musk, previously with X.com which is now PayPal, sold his shares and decided to invest into two very different companies in Tesla and SpaceX. Back then Tesla was just barely making that much money and remained an underdog in the whole automobile industry.

Slowly, however, Tesla cars were able to rank as the top-selling cars in some places. These gave Tesla even more push to go further. Currently, the company is not only popular in the United States but also around the whole world as EVs start to gain more popularity.

UK's Plans to Be Carbon Neutral by 2050

In the UK alone, the nation has already announced that it wants to be carbon neutral by the year 2050 and to do so, it will be banning the sale of non-EV cars in 2030 according to the report of CNBC. The huge announcement has caused a ripple effect, as the once-strong gasoline automobile makers are all shifting towards the production of EVs.

The thing that makes Tesla stand out, however, isn't just that their cars can function on electricity but the actual software running the car. The software behind the car ensures that aside from giving a comfortable ride, the Tesla car also remains the safest car produced. Due to the small details of the EV like seats that can detect weight and thus providing a more secure airbag deployment, Tesla is seen as a company that is doing much more than just making EVs.

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Elon Musk Tesla Cars

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk revealed just how safe the Tesla cars are that sometime in the future, the safer airbags could possibly replace the complete usage of seatbelts. The technology, although most of the time overlooked by a lot of people, just goes to show how much Tesla puts emphasis in building safe vehicles.

In a recent tweet posted by Musk, the CEO noted how Tesla and Ford are actually the only two American car makers that have not gone bankrupt out of the thousands of different car startups. He then noted that prototypes themselves are easy. However, the production itself is hard and being cash flow positive is also very "excruciating." Aside from not going bankrupt, Tesla is now recognized as one of the most influential companies not just in the automobile industry but in general.

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