'Valheim' Padded Armor: Defeating Moder and Making Linen Thread--Amount Needed for Cuirass, Grieves, and More

"Valheim" has finally received its final tier of armor called Padded Armor. Since it is a high-tier protective equipment, players need to work hard before they can build it.

According to GameSpot's latest report, there are several things you need to do first before you can create the latest Padded Armor. To help you further, here is a step-by-step guide that will get you that Padded Armor.

What You Need at Plains Biome

Unlike other armors, the Padder Armor doesn't require any new material. Instead, this protective gear needs to  a plant called Linen. Once you gather enough amount of it, you need to make a Linen Thread.

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You also need to remember that this plant is found on the plains biome. The first thing required in this mission is to create a Wolf Armor. It is also advisable to gather extra resources. On the other hand, you also need to upgrade your Wolf Armor as much as possible.

When it comes to weapons, the solid bow called Draugr Fang and a Silver Shield is the best choice of the set for fighting enemies at close-range. On the other hand, you can also use poison arrows, which is needed to inflict damage to your enemies without them noticing.

Defeating Moder

Once you have acquired all the things you need, you can now look for Morder, the boss of the plains biome. This is a dragon-type monster that drops Dragon Tears when defeated. The Dragon Tear is a special item that you need in order to make a new crafting station in the plains biome.

It also powers the Artisan Table, which opens up the ability to make the Windmill, Blast Furnace, and Spinning Wheel crafting stations. You can click here to know more details on how to defeat Moder.

Making the Right Amount of Linen Thread

Screen Rant explained that the Dragon Tears are the most important materials to make the Linen Thread. After gathering them, the players need to have 20 Fine Wood, five Leather Scraps, and 10 Iron Nails to craft the Spinning Wheel. 

Once it's built, players can now use it to make the Linen Thread. If you want to know the specific details of making it, just click here

On the other hand, here are the Linen Thread need for each part of the latest Padded Armor:

  • Padded Helmet: 15 Linen Thread, 10 Iron
  • Padded Greaves: 20 Linen Thread, 10 Iron
  • Linen Cape: 20 Linen Thread, 1 Silver
  • Padded Cuirass: 20 Linen Thread, 10 Iron

As mentioned earlier, though, acquiring linen and making the armor is no easy feat and requires time and effort. However, it is certainly worth it once acquired.

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