'Fortnite' Season 6 Skins Leak Reveals Possible Armored Batman [LOOK]

 'Fortnite' Season 6 Skins Leak Reveals Possible Armored Batman [LOOK]
"Fortnite" Chapter 2 Season 6 has begun, and with the new season comes new skins for players. Photo : Jack Taylor/Getty Images

"Fortnite" Chapter 2 Season 6 has begun, and with the new season comes new skins for players. One, in particular, is the rumored Batman skin that players are all excited about.

The rumor about the upcoming Armored Batman skin came after a preview of the Batman/Fortnite Zero Point #2 showed some hints before the official announcement from Epic Games.

Armored Batman on "Fortnite"

According to "Fortnite" leaker ShiiinaBR, the Batman skin on the "Zero Point" comics could be the next in-game skin for the Cape Crusader. Some people pointed out that Batman's outfit is based on the game, with multiple armored pads and satchels. Fortnite Intel reported that Epic Games could include two versions of the Batman Skin in the future of Season 6.

Besides that, "Fortnite" leaker HYPEX posted images on Twitter, noting that these comic images could be featured in the battle royale game. Whether or not this is the Armored Batman skin for "Fortnite," the comic preview has many compelling details.

Meanwhile, Fans assumed that Batman could have a base of operations in "Fortnite" that would be a part of the game somehow in the future. In the comic preview, Batman has stumbled onto a hut with a bat symbol on top. He finds a stone engraved with a message "the cat is a friend," followed by coordinates. This means that Catwoman is an ally of the Dark Knight, but readers may take it with a grain of salt, as all of this is still speculation.

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This is not the first time DC Comics and Epic Games have collaborated. The game already has other DC heroes featured in the game, such as Aquaman, Catwoman, Batman, The Joker, The Flash and other DC characters in "Fortnite" as skins.

Comicbook reported that Epic Games has still not commented on when will the Armored Batman will be released in "Fortnite." Season 6 has just started earlier this week, so players may have to wait a little longer for more official statements from the game developers..

To note, "Batman/Fortnite Zero Point" is set to launch on April 20, with each issue having game codes that players can download to the game. The Armored Batman is a perk when players collect all comic books from the DC/Epic Games collaboration issues.

Raven in "Fortnite"

Comicbook also reported that Raven will be joining other DC Comics heroes in "Fortnite." This news came from Epic Games, as the developers confirmed the Raven skin on their official Twitter page.

Raven will also get three skin options available for Season 6: first is the DC Rebirth-inspired version of her unlockable costume to those who reach level 77 in the "Fortnite" Battle Pass.

The second one is the iconic Raven costume, unlockable at Level 85, while the third is Raven Roth civilian wear, unlockable by completing Epic Quests in the game. The Raven skin is an addition to the multiple skins inspired by "Tomb Raider's" Lara Croft.

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