'Mr. Prepper' Gardening Guide: Build Your Own Underground Garden

"Mr Prepper" is trying to escape authoritarian government rulings and is creating his safe heaven underground. With that said, one of the primary resources players need to secure early in the game is an underground garden.

However, making an underground garden takes a lot of steps.

'Mr. Prepper' Gardening Guide: Build Your Own Underground Garden
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The Basic Underground Garden in "Mr. Prepper"

Gamepur shared that creating your own underground garden is easy, though it involves several steps. The first thing you need to do is add a second-level underground bunker. Creating this space will automatically add "Ground" materials to your inventory. This will be important in creating your garden.

Enter the newly crafted bunker through a "Ladder." You can craft a ladder on your workbench using metal (3x). You can acquire metal by breaking metallic materials in your house. However, breaking too many items in your house will warn the Agency. A better alternative will be to open your mailbox and buy metal in the trading house.

The player's "Journal" will tell you to check the "Ultimate Plan" and give you the first mission to "Establish a Food Source."

Head to your workbench to craft Room Soil (5x). "Room Soil/Soil Patch" will be crafted from the "Ground" you acquired earlier.

Put the soil patch in your garden bunker. A pro tip is to stick them together to save more space. The soil will overlap with the ladder, so you can put one in front of it.

Seed Bags are bought in the market or found around your kitchen. In the first cabinet near the door, you will find "Carrot seeds" (2x) and "Cabbage Seeds" (2x). In the cupboard mounted to the wall above the sink, you will find more seeds.

Your Plants will now need two primary resources: Water and Light. You can get your "Water" on the kitchen sink. This will take a few seconds of loading time.

You can also craft light bulbs by using Glass" (1x). You can easily find glass materials by disassembling items from your kitchen. Bowls will give you two of the said material, while a white cup will give you one.

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Other Details You Should Keep in Mind in "Mr. Prepper"

Lights can manage how quickly your plants would grow. Unfortunately, you will have a limited amount of electricity available so you can't install too many lights. You might craft a generator to resolve this problem in the later levels, but for now, you will be limited to about 3-5 lights in your entire underground.

When installing your lights, you can observe a yellow bar on your plants' growth status. This indicates how much light exposure the plants receive and can boost their growth. Place the lightbulbs between soil patches to evenly distribute the lights.

The water takes a few seconds to load. One advice is to activate it immediately and come back to it after finishing other pressing tasks.

Creating your underground garden is one of the earlier missions available in the game. You can accomplish this mission easily by knowing which specific tools you can disassemble and craft to help you.

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