'Fortnite' Season 6 Guide: Where to Find a Disguise to Complete the 'Don a Disguise' Quest

 'Fortnite' Season 6 Guide: Where to Find a Disguise to Complete the 'Don a Diguise' Quest
Complete the "Fortnite" Don a Disguise mission and get 22000 XP instantly. The quest is available in the player's daily challenge section. Photo : Comrad3s/Youtube Screenshot

"Fortnite" Season 6 is here, and it comes with a fresh way to step up the players' in-game disguises through the "Don a Disguise" quest.

Season 6 has many new elements and exciting events for the battle royal players to have fun with. There are primal weapons to collect and upgrades, animals to hunt or tame, and golden new artifacts near The Spire. Like the past seasons of "Fortnite," there are extra XP rewards for players who complete their quests. However, through complete "Don a Disguise," players you get a total of 22000 XP instantly.

Here is what you need to do to complete the quest, which is available in the daily challenge section.

"Fortnite" Season 6 -- Don a Disguise Guide

As noted by Game Rant, after deployment, drop yourself in the area of the Colossal Crops. Head for north-north-east and you will find a blue restaurant with a giant tomato on the top. The restaurant also has pizza slice decorations on the roof. Inside, an NPC named Crustina is staying.

Custina will sell "Prop a Disguise" for 75 Gold Bars. Purchase it and you will automatically transform into an inanimate object. These are very detailed disguises that can easily fool fellow players. The player transforms into many different disguises, including a couch, a mailbox, a garbage can, a Slurp barrel, and a Wood barrel. Not only are they inconspicuous, but the random choice of disguises are all objects that would easily blend regardless of your location.

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Other "Fortnite" Disguise Details and Pro Tips

Also, despite donning a disguise, players can still move their avatar around by walking. Some movements, however, will be restricted, such as the jumping function being disabled. Another useful feature while still in disguise is that you can loot ammo from the ground. Make a tactical position for yourself and stand guard in front of Crustina's shop to hunt other players!

However, the disguise can be removed in a few different ways. Once equipping a weapon, the disguise will automatically fall off. It is also possible for the disguise to get damaged by the storm that surrounds the map during matches. There is also a time limit to your Prop Disguise, so be sure to finish hiding before your time runs out.

It takes only a second or two to finish the quest. Players can choose to keep the disguise on or rid of it right after the quest is marked complete. Primagames speculated that the more people who discover what it does, the less effective disguises would be when people find it odd to see a mailbox in the middle of nowhere. However, this little feature is still worth a good laugh and a lot of XP, so be sure to try it out yourself!

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