'Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town' Walkthrough—How to Start and Expand Your Farm

'Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town' Walkthrough--How to Start and Expand Your Farm
Here's a complete guide on how to expand your farm twice and gather materials in "Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town." Photo : Nintendo/Website Screenshot

"Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town" is a popular interactive role-playing game (RPG) centering on farm life. Players get to tame animals, meet new friends and start their own family.

One of the main goals in the game is to create a farm and expand it. This involves clearing debris, unlocking buildings, and building a farm plot. Here is a complete guide on how to achieve that, including bonus pro tips.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Walkthrough in Farming

Early in "Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town," you can explore a certain distance from your house and find broken bridges and debris blocking the rest of your farm. You could resolve most of your problems by paying money to clear them up. Unfortunately, you will have very little resources, so you need to spend it wisely.

However, there is a secondary option where you will clear the farm by yourself. Doing so will give you the necessary resources like lumber to also fix your coops and barns. This guide will teach you how to expand your farm twice, gather materials to repair your bridges and barns, and get other useful resources such as behaves, silos and more.

Starting Your Farmland

Moving to the entrance of the 10-floor mine, you can see a destroyed coop. Fix this coop first. You can tame the wild chicken running around your farmland and start earning some money from them. Coop rebuilding requirements are 20 logs, 20 stones and 30 grasses.

Your first farm expansion requires you to fix the broken bridge at the bottom left corner of your farm area. The bridge repair requirements are 15 lumbers or 5,000 gold.

Repairing the bridge will give you access to a destroyed barn, a mushroom log, some cow and other animals (depending on the season), trees for solid logs, bushes for flexible grass, and a mine with silver ore. After gathering your natural resources, you can prioritize fixing the barn or mushroom log for extra profit. Barn repair requirements are 10 solid lumbers, 10 iron ingots, 50 flexible grasses. For Mushroom log repair, the requirements are 20 solid logs, 30 clays, 40 flexible grasses.

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Second Farm Expansion

The second farm expansion lot is the top left section from the first expanded area. Polygon's guide said that you will see a pile of debris blocking your way. You will have to donate goods or use the profit earned from the earlier achievement to pay gold and clear it. The debris clearing requirements are 50 solid lumbers, 20 silver ingots, 50 mortars or 20,000 gold.

Past the debris will be a destroyed stable, silo, and beehive. There should also be an assortment of wild animals for you to tame. If you choose to repair the stable first, you can immediately get a horse to take with you going to Olive Town quickly. To repair the stable, you need 50 lumbers, 40 solid lumbers and 30 supple lumbers.

The Beehive and Silo could also be helpful to earn extra profit. Beehive repair requirements are 20 durable lumbers and 50 tough grasses. Meanwhile, for the Silo repair, you need 20 bricks and 10 silver ingots.

Beyond your secondary expansion area is a section where you can find some mirage grass, tough grass, smooth grass, mirage logs, supple logs and durable logs.

Pro Tips

In the later levels of your farm life, you will find an old hydroculture plant on the section of your second expansion. This will take a lot of resources and money. However, completing it will let you grow any crop inside at any time of the season. It can be advantageous to you.

To repair the hydroculture plant, you will need 50 mirage lumbers, 50 orichalcum ingots, 20 suction pumps and 10 olive crystal.

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