'Fortnite' Season 6 Week 2 Challenges: Where to Find Literature Samples and How to Obtain Them

'Fortnite' Season 6 Week 2 Challenges: Where to Find Literature Samples and How to Obtain Them
"Fortnite" Season 6 Week 2 challenges have arrived, one of which is looking for literatures! Now, where could you find them? Photo : HarryNinetyFour/YouTube screenshot

"Fortnite" Season 6 Week 2 Challenges have arrived earlier than anticipated, as it went live two days before they are normally supposed to.

But no matter, it is live one of these challenges require players to scatter around the map looking for game literature samples. In this article, we will help players find these samples and unlock some pretty rewards after completing the challenge.

Where to Find Literature Samples on "Fortnite"

 According to Gamespot, you can find Literature samples in the "Fortnite" map in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row. The samples are reportedly placed in bookshelves with books and magazines on them. You must walk up to it and collect the Literature samples.

On Pleasant Park in "Fortnite," you can find two Literature samples if you go to the brick house at the town's northwestern corner. After going through the front door, turn left to see the bookshelf. You will see a faintly glow with a collectible item's aura. You must interact with it to collect the first piece of Literature in your item.

From there, you must head out the door you came in and down the sidewalk on the right. Pass the yellow house and head inside the light-blue house. Upon entering the house, the immediate left is a room with the same glowing bookshelf with the Literature sample, waiting to be taken by "Fortnite" players.

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Meanwhile, on the Lazy Lake, you must go to the Southwest corner at the Lazy Lake Spa, opposite the corner of last week's "Fortnite" Lazy Lake anomaly challenge. Head down to the parking garage and you will find a magazine rack under a Lazy Lake Spa sign next to the bottom of the staircase. The next Literature sample will be up against the wall opposite a soda fountain on the ground floor.

And lastly is the Retail Row Literature sample. You can locate a Literature sample if you look near the Big Shots store, left of the ziplines leading into town. You can find the sample inside a newspaper box. It is not a bookshelf, and it is totally different from the other samples scattered around "Fortnite," but it is there.

Rewards for Achieving the Literature Samples in "Fortnite"

"Fortnite" only allows the players collect four of the Literature samples across the map, so you can skip the Retail Row one. It really depends on you whether to skip that one or not.

All in all, players who completed this Week 2 challenge will be rewarded with 24,000 EXP, according to GameRant. The Week 2 challenge is an easy one compared to the previous challenges in "Fortnite," but it is still a challenge and players are still rewarded with it. So, collect the Literature samples and take the reward.

Here's also a video guide and walkthrough to complete the Literature samples. Enjoy!

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