Xbox Series X Restock: 6 Tips and Tricks to Be Able to Buy the Console Online

Xbox Series X Restock: 6 Tips to Be Able to Buy the Console Online
These tips and tricks can boost your chances of successfully purchasing when the Xbox Series X restocks come. Photo : Kamil S/Unsplash

It has been months since the release of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but several people haven't had the chance to buy the consol due to the lack of supply and prominent scalping.

It could get frustrating. However, some tips and tricks can boost your chances of success. Here is everything you need to know to succeed in this chaotic market of console shopping.

1. Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S Gaming Consoles

Know the difference between Microsoft's two latest consoles and choose which one matches your needs. Having an idea about their significant differences can help you decide which console would be worth investing your money.

Xbox Series X is the flagship powerhouse of the company, priced at $499. It has 4k gaming, a Blu-ray disc player, and 1TB internal storage for your digital downloads.

Xbox Series S is the budget-alternative entry-level machine priced at $299. This console has a 1440p resolution, 512GB storage, and lacks a disc drive. Its hardware is significantly smaller, bu with at least a 1080 TV, you can already enjoy the perks of next-gen gaming experience.

2. Xbox Series X/S Retailer Restocks

Most major retailers tend to sell out, including Microsoft's very own online store. However, restocks are constantly coming in.

We previously listed all the major retailers with their available stocks. It is also notable that Walmart and Best Buy are the most consistent retailers with their restocks. Walmart, in particular, announces its restock before the items go live in the market.

3. Buying a Bundle Set

It might get a little pricy, but shops like GameStop offer full bundles in their store. This bundle would automatically include one Xbox Series X console. The retailer recently provided a $744 Ultimate Assassin's System Bundle that consists of an Xbox Series X console, three months Xbox Game Pass, $20 GameStop Gift Gard, an extra controller, and the games "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" and "Hitman 3."

If you plan getting these games and add-ons, then purchasing this bungle might be your best option.

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4. Create an Account on Every Major Retailer

Retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy require registered accounts to complete the transaction. Be sure to have your accounts created and your shipping address registered immediately. Every second counts because when the Xbox consoles go live, it will be a battle against the faster checkout clicker.

5. Follow Restock Trackers on Twitter

News on Twitter often comes with a hit-and-miss. However, Twitter remains to be the fastest medium for receiving restock updates.

Follow the correct accounts to keep tabs on the latest Xbox Series X restock updates the minute they are released. Accounts such as @mattswider, @wario64, and @videogamedeals provide validated information for Xbox console updates.

6. Don't Give Up

Xbox Series X/S appear to be out of stock; however, major restocks happen periodically. Online retailers are met with so much demand that their stocks seem none existent. Be informed of the latest news updates and occasionally refresh your webpage. You might get lucky enough to get one.

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