'Monster Hunter Rise' Insect Glaive Guide: How to Use, Combos, Buffs and Tips

'Monster Hunter Rise' Insect Glaive Guide: How to Use, Combos, Buffs and Tips
In "Monster Hunter Rise," Insect Glaive is an excellent weapon to use for ground and aerial attacks. Photo : Monster Hunter/Youtube Screenshot

In "Monster Hunter Rise," Insect Glaive is an excellent weapon to use for ground and aerial attacks. What makes it unique is itisaccompanied by a Kinsect that can help players attack monsters.

The weapon is a high-speed type rather than a damage-type, and when using this weapon in the game, the floor is lava. So without further ado, let us talk about using the "Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive for the Nintendo Switch.

"Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive Guide -- Buffs and Tips

According to SegmentNext, mastering the "Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive is no easy feat, as you will have to pressure the monster rapidly from the ground and in the air, but there is a catch to it. Behind the weapon's combos and special moves, you will heavily rely on the Kinsect, as it will provide support and be the one to trigger the various buffs.

On the top-left of the screen, you will see a gauge that looks like a bug and has three slots. Each slot will have different uses and buffs. The Red buff is the Attack Buff that charges all attacks with the Insect Glaive, the Orange Buff is the Defense Buff that enablesyou to have a more vigorous defense. The White Buff, which is the Speed Buff, lets you move and attack more quickly.

Getting all three buffs with the Kinsect will let you enter its final form with every buff enabled: stronger attacks and immunity to flinching from minor roars and knockbacks, which helps the aerial versatility of "Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive.

To unlock the three buffs, you will have to command the Kinsect to target different parts of the monster as it constantly moves around the battlefield. You may command the Kinsect to attack a specific area or mark one for the Kinsect to attack. All extract locations are precisely the same for each monster, with its head giving out the Red Buff, body giving the Orange Buff, and wings/tail/feet filling in the White Buff.

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"Monster Hunter Rise"Insect Glaive Basics, Combos, Kinect Extracting and More

Basic Controls

Here are the basic controls for the Insect Glaive, as detailed by SegmentNext:

  • X - Rising Slash
  • X + X - Rising Slash Combo and Double Dash
  • X +X - (While Red Buff is activated) Strong Rising Slash Combo and Strong Double Dash
  • Left Stick + X - Thrust
  • Press X + X after Thrust to do a Rising Dash and Double Dash combo and connect it.
  • Left Stick + X - (While Red Buff is Activated) Strong Thrust
  • (While Red Buff is Activated) Press X + X after Strong Thrust to do a Strong Rising Dash and Double Dash combo and connect it.
  • A - Wide Sweep
  • A + A - Overhead Smash
  • A - (While Red Buff is Activated) Tornado Slash
  • Left Stick + A - Leaping Slash

Kinsect Control

Here are the Kinsect Controls for the "Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive:

  • ZR + X - Kinsect Harvest
  • ZR + A - Kinsect Recall
  • ZR + R - Kinsect Fire
  • ZR - Mark Target

Aerial Attacks

As for Aerial Attacks, here are the controls to use:

  • X - (while in mid-air) Aerial Attack
  • A - (while in mid-air) Jumping Advancing Slash
  • A - (while on mid-air and Red Buff is activated) Strong Jumping Advancing Slash
  • B - Mid-Air Evade


When it comes to Combos for the Insect Glaive, here's what you can do:

  • Left Stick + X + A + A (Repeat) - Bread and Butter Tornado Slash Combo
  • Left Stick + A + A - Hit and Run
  • Left Stick + X + A +B (Repeat) - Halfway Tornado Slash Combo

Silkbind Attacks

Skillbind attacks are useful in "Monster Hunter Rise," and when using Insect Glave, you can try these combos:

  • ZL + X - Silkbind Vault - A leaping attack the spins forward to the monster. Following up by pressing X will make the player do a Jumping Slash, pressing A for a Jumping Advancing Slash, or B for Mid-air Evade.
  • ZL + A - Recall Kinsect - Recalls the Kinsect back to the player while performing spinning attacks that will scatter healing extracts.

"Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive Pro Tips

Mastering the commands and combos for the "Monster Hunter Rise" Insect Glaive is the easy part, while extracting buffs from monsters is the difficult one. A long and arduous practice is necessary to move forward with the weapon, but it has its advantages when players masters it.

Also, when purchasing Kinsects from the smithy, remember that there are different types of it. To make it short and simple, go for an Assist type of Kinsect with Dual Color Attack bonus. As for the Kinsect itself, Eurogamer suggested to opt for the Monarch Alucanid when you have progressed further into "Monster Hunter Rise."

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