Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro: Microsoft Trolls Apple 'Tablet' in Hilarious Ad

Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro: Microsoft Trolls Apple 'Tablet' in Hilarious Ad
Microsoft is once again destroying Apple in the tablet wars with their advertisement. Photo : Ashkan Forouzani/Unsplash

Microsoft is once again destroying Apple in the tablet wars with their advertisement.

What was supposed to be comic relief might develop into a full war against the better campaign for tablet devices. Microsoft released a 30-second video advertisement that has a lot to say about why people should buy their Surface Pro 7 instead of the iPad Pro.

The April Fools season is still in full effect for the duration of the month, as Microsoft came in with a brand-new advertisement video, per Mac Rumors. Microsoft has prided itself on great gadgets and operating systems for decades now, but it remains in intense competition with the equally popular Apple company.

Both companies have contended multiple times in the market and compete for sales with their computers, smartphones, software services and the more recent mobile tablets.

Tablet Wars Between Microsoft and Apple

Tablets are popular gadgets for users who value great mobility while maximizing utility. Both Microsoft and Apple have released their Surface Pro and iPad Pro a few years back and continue to sell high quantities in the market. The companies have upgraded their tech gadgets to cope with system updates today and both feature next-generation experiences.

Microsoft gains an edge by releasing a new promotional video on their YouTube channel. The video is entertaining but actively compares specs and features for the latest Surface Pro 7 versus iPad Pro. Short and concise, the video did a good job of attracting viewers.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 vs. iPad Pro

The title of the video itself makes a blatant declaration that customers should choose the Surface Pro as it is simply the better option. The video started by highlighting the Surface Pro 7 kickstand, a feature that the iPad does not integrate with its designs. The advertisement then pointed out the Surface Pro click cover in comparison to iPad Pro's keyboard which is "a lot heavier."

The advertisement also emphasized the dongle angle, where iPad Pro only has a single USB-C port and needs a connection compared to the Surface Pro 7 which has a lot more ports available. The advertisement also called the iPad Pro "just a tablet" compared to Microsoft Surface Pro, which "is a whole computer and a tablet." The advertisement ended by pointing out the price difference of a Surface Pro at $880 and an iPad at $1348.

Although the advertisement has its facts, the choice is left to their customers. Surface Pro boasts good hardware; however, iPads have been popular for their great performance. Both tablets have their strengths and weaknesses, mainly around what type of use the consumer has in plan.

Tom's Guide made a full article to compare both units and ended it with this kind of conclusion: iPad pro is not a good replacement for professional users who need specific applications. iPad Pro is ideal for artists and dabblers who use it for a variety of multimedia tasks. Surface Pro works fine as a replacement for a laptop because it was designed to do everything a laptop can. It is also a detachable mobile alternative to laptops and desktops.

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