Can I Do Zoom on Echo Show 10? What You Need to Do to Join a Conference Call Meeting

Can I Do Zoom on Echo Show 10? What You Need to Do to Join a Conference Call Meeting
Zoom was unsupported in the Amazon Echo Show 10 until recently... Photo : CNET/YouTube Screenshot

Amazon Echo Show 10 is in its third generation, adopting a swiveling design and speaker system that boosts its overall performance. Aside from the new design, they've also made big improvements to the system program. You can now power your Echo Show 10 to set up your Zoom Meetings!

As Rolling Stone described, Echo Show 10 is a 10-inch HD screen attached to a smaller Echo Studio Speaker base. With an intuitive program powered by Alexa, the Echo Show 10 has a base that rotates so the screen is constantly pointed to you at all times. Echo Show was designed specifically for watching videos and placing video calls on a hands-free system.

Amazon's smart speaker also comes with preinstalled app services like Hulu and Netflix where you can watch your favorite shows. As the first of its unique design, Amazon Echo Show easily reaches the top of the market as a smart speaker with a handy screen, especially for people who have smart homes.

Unfortunately, the program still has a few shortcomings. For example, you can only run YouTube in its mobile version web browser Silk. You would also need to manually type the screen when searching YouTube videos. Zoom was also unsupported in the platform until recently.

Can I Do Zoom on Echo Show 10?

The Verge noted that Alexa is now upgraded to join your Zoom meetings for you. Command prompts include "Alexa, join my Meeting," "Alexa join my Zoom meeting," and "Alexa, join my Amazon Chime meeting." The Echo Show 10 would not run your meeting on a hands-free system.

The program runs a lot smoother than just that. Alexa could now link your calendar and meeting schedules in its app, as well as automatically start scheduled Zoom meetings without manually typing in the ID or passcode for the room. With its 13-megapixel camera, Echo Show has a feature to constantly track your movements and point the screen in your direction. For its privacy feature, you can disable it by closing the camera with its physical shutter

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Echo Show 10 Still Has a Long Way to Go

Gizmodo noted that although Echo Show 10 proves to be a handy and intuitive smart speaker, there are a few more blind spots the device needs to work on. For example, important streaming apps such as YouTube have not been added. Instead, users have to work their way around with the web browser.

People have been moving to a more digitalized system, especially during the pandemic. Zoom and other videoconferencing software are now a standard for most workplace meetings. Echo Show is also handy because not only is it capable with Amazon's smart assistant, but it could handle almost all of its programs hands-free. You should consider trying out the feature yourself if you have an Echo Show 10 in your house. Simply install the Zoom program enter a meeting and enjoy a hands-free experience.

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