'Mr. Prepper' Bob's Glasses Guide: Location and Task to Finish the Quest

'Mr. Prepper' Bob's Glasses Guide: Location and Task to Finish the Quest
One of the more quirky quests in "Mr. Prepper" is locating the glasses of Bob the miner. Photo : Steam/Website Screenshot

"Mr. Prepper" is a game where players took on the role of a simple guy living in a country that was once the land of the free. However, its new government has changed everything. If players speak ill about the current President in the game, a mysterious Agency will take an interest in them, as they want its citizens not to be prepared and be controlled instead.

The game offers interesting quests that seem peculiar, one of which is finding the glasses of Bob, a miner living on a coal mine. Speaking of that, this guide will help players finish that said quest and continue with the rest of the storyline in "Mr. Prepper."

"Mr. Prepper" Bob's Glasses Guide

Per Game Skinny, Bob's first meeting is when you unlock the Old Creek Mines and get the pickaxe from him. After that, Bob will be available for trading, and simultaneously, he will have you get his jacket--which is quite a chore as you get to face rats and bats in the mines. After the jacket has been returned to Bob, he will make you get his glasses.

To get the glasses, you must go to Jenny The Herbalist, located at the Forest 2-3 in "Mr. Prepper." Once you are there, you must right-click the plant Jenny is currently holding and select the "Talk" option. Jenny will have a conversation with you, and co-accidentally, the glasses are in the plant Jenny is holding (zooming in, you will see the glasses in the plant pot).

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In the conversation with Jenny, you will learn that the Plant Bob uses the glasses for reading but has grown so well that he does not need them anymore. The glasses will be handed to you after the conversation with Jenny. Once Bob's glasses are in possession, players must go to the Old Creek Mines and give the glasses to Bob the miner.

At the Old Creek Mines, players will have to go to Bob's shop located at Mine 1 in "Mr. Prepper" and enter the cave on their left and speak to Bob the miner. Giving Bob his glasses will have no rewards for the player, but they can now continue with the Fort Observer quest in the game.

"Mr. Prepper" Walkthrough

"Mr. Prepper" is a life-simulator game all about building underground bunkers in preparation for a catastrophe. You must build their houses, craft machines to keep them working, trade with other NPCs in the game, and make an escape plan from the new government the world has succumbed to.

In the underground bunker, you must build the rocketship for Mr. Prepper's ultimate escape. It needs to be constructed secretly, or else the Secret Police will confiscate it and get you in trouble.

You can move the character with WASD on the keyboard, and you can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. Double-clicking the mouse will enable the avatar to run.

"Mr. Prepper" is available on Steam for only $19.99 and can be purchase for those gamers who want to try the game for themselves. It's minimum requirements are Windows 8/7/Vista/XP OS, 3.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce 520m or Intel HD 4000, a DirectX 9.0c version, and a 5GB of storage of available space to play.

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