Xbox Game Pass for April 2021: 'GTA 5' Release Date Revealed, 'MLB The Show 21' and More Games Coming Soon!

Xbox Game Pass for April 2021: 'GTA 5' Release Date Revealed, 'MLB The Show 21' and More Games Coming Soon!
Xbox Game Pass is bringing some of the biggest games this April. Photo : Mario Tama/Getty Images

Xbox Game Pass is bringing some big games with fast-paced heists, supercar hijacks and a criminal track record you don't want to miss. The new lineup for April games is now released, and first on the list is "GTA 5."

This could be the time to spend the rest of your month locked up happily in your house!

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription plan that lets you access over 100 high-quality games for console, Android and PC over Xbox's cloud server. You also get an added benefit of EA Play membership and exclusive discounts. There are two available plans to choose from: The Xbox Game Pass for PC or console, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has the added benefit of Free perks and games released for an Android platform from their cloud (beta). It also has gold membership benefits, deals, and console multiplayer options. The EA Play from this package also gives you exclusive rewards and member-only content.

This April 6, Xbox Game Pass released their list of games through Xbox Wire. Here are some of the games you could look forward to starting April 8.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The Rockstar Game's latest addition to the crime, action, and adventure is now available for Xbox. One of the most notable features of "GTA 5" is its amazing graphics and open-world design that could easily be immersive to any gamer. The game also has deep storytelling with mission-based gameplay that lets you interact with all its key elements.

Tom's Guide noted that "GTA 5" should load faster to the Xbox Series X/S with their speedy SSD hardware. There should also be no issues in the frame rates from the hectic action commands during gameplay. The game might even get extra visual enhancement thanks to the Series X/S new technologies. "GTA 5" is available for mobile, cloud and console.

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Xbox Game Pass New Games

"GTA 5" is not the only new game players could look forward to. Xbox Game Pass is bringing in seven other games to the console and 50-cloud enabled games this April 8 and beyond.

  • "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" is an FPS game where you fight against Hitler's zombie hordes. The game is available for cloud, console and PC
  • "Disneyland Adventures" is a game that lets you go on a journey to Critter Country, Neverland and Micky's Castle. The game is available for cloud.
  • "Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure" pairs up characters between Disney and Pixar to make a team from "The Incredibles," "Toy Story," "Finding Dory," "Cars" and others! The game is available for cloud.
  • "NHL 21" is a game available for console where players compete to be the greatest ice hockey league player on ice!
  • "Rain on your Parade" is a fun, adorable and mischievous game filled with unique quests and objectives. The game is available for cloud, console and PC)
  • "Pathway" is for players who enjoy action and adventure for secret excavations, as well gruesome occult rituals. The game is available for PC only.
  • "MLB The Show 21" will be available on Xbox Game Pass when it is released on April 20. Players will get to experience to be a Major League player, all while competing with others through it's cross-play function. It will be available for cloud and console.

These are only some of the games to be released in Xbox Game Pass; however, Microsoft is clearly keeping us excited for these coming updates!

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