'Street Fighter 5' Characters: How to Use Oro, Classic Moves, New Attacks, V-Skill and More

'Street Fighter 5' Characters: How to Use Oro, Classic Moves, New Attacks, V-Skill and More
One of the fighters returning to the franchise in "Street Fighter 5" is the wandering hermit Oro, who was last seen in "Street Fighter III." Photo : Gamersprey/YouTube

PlayStation is happy to announce the addition of new and old characters in the Spring Update of "Street Fighter 5." Some new content are also coming to the beloved fighting game, such as costumes, season pass and more.

One of the fighters returning to the franchise is the wandering hermit Oro, who was last seen in "Street Fighter III."

"Street Fighter V": Oro Moversets and V-Skill Mechanic

In the PlayStation Blog, the company announced that Oro will retain his unique one-hand fighting style. Unlike in "Street Fighter III" where his hand was bound though, he now holds a turtle while fighting.

Oro has some old movesets for players to utilize in "Street Fighter 5." One of those moves is his classic leap attack that avoids the enemy's low attacks and leads to a counter hit when timed correctly. The hermit has also retained his double jump move, giving the character more room, allowing offensive and defensive opportunities for the player to use, widening the gap from the enemy, or changing his landing point.

Oro in "Street Fighter 5" will also have a new move called "Tsuranekeashi," a kick move that he uses to opponents to stop them in their tracks or be used in a combo. Other than that, Oro's V-Skill I is called Onibi, in which the character shots smaller projectiles of his "SFIII" range attack, Super Art Yagyou Dama, and bounces off the ground at different angles.

Oro's V-Skill II in "Street Fighter 5" is called "Minomushi". With this move, he will hop into the air that can be followed by a punch or kick, leading to a combo. This moveset from the hermit is a new one developed for the game.

For his V-Trigger, Oro has two, and one of them is a returning ability his fans are familiar with. His V-Trigger I in "Street Fighter 5" is called "Manrikitan," allowing Oro to access his Kishiniriki that grabs and repeatedly slams opponents on the ground. The hermit's grab move can also be performed while in the air.

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And lastly, Oro's V-Trigger II is his returning unique ability called "Tengu Stone". Oro summons several debris and objects that float around him that can be used as follow-up attacks over his normal attacks. Depending on the stage, Oro can sometimes attract other things with this move.

Someone might think that Oro is just a nobody in the "Street Fighter" franchise, but he has appeared multiple times in other game character's storylines, such as Menat and Dhalsim. Oro will be available to play this Summer.

Other Upcoming Characters and Outfits in "Street Fighter 5"

Other than Oro making a comeback in "Street Fighter 5," a new character will be introduced in the fighting game. Akira Kazama from the "Rival Schools" series will be added to the game's roster soon.

Her movesets from her respective series are present in "Street Fighter 5" and her older brother, Daigo Kazama, whom she can summon.

There are new costume designs for "Street Fighter 5" characters such as Vega, Seth, and Juri. The costumes will be available on April 19 as a part of the Season 5 Premium Pass, but players can also individually purchase the outfits in-store for $3.99 each.

Polygon reported that Oro, Akira, Rose, Eleven, and a mystery character will be available for purchase in the game's Premium Pass, along with other Premium Pass goodies stored for players.

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