'Street Fighter V' Next DLC Character Revealed, More FM Tips

The latest DLC patch for Street Fighter V has officially gone live and as promised, brought along several new updates that are supposedly going to improve the overall experience. The new update includes a new fighter called Ed who is described by players as a mix between M. Bison and Balrog in terms of fighting style. However, eagle-eyed gamers suspect that the game's next DLC fighter might have been revealed in Ed's story mode.

According to the latest video from VesperArcade, the fortune teller that appears in one of the story sequences for Ed is suspected to be the fighter represented by the next silhouette for the Street Fighter V Season 2 lineup. Shoryuken also adds that her inclusion would also fulfill Yoshinori Ono's claim that the remaining characters are all brand new to the fighting game franchise. She is apparently called Menat, according to a post that has revealed the remaining DLC fighters scheduled for this year.

Prior to Menat's appearance in Ed's story mode, a lot of gamers speculated that the next silhouette belonged to one of M. Bison's dolls named Satsuki. According to sources, the new character was already revealed in a leaked list that came out before Ed was officially announced by Capcom. The leaked information also indicated that Street Fighter V will also get Zeku and Abigail. The CFN profiles for these characters have just been recently updated as well. She is described to be Rose's apprentice from Egypt.

In Street Fighter V's story mode for Ed, her name was never mentioned by the character. She is just referred as "Fortune Teller" instead of Menat. Meanwhile, upon checking Rose' CFN information, it was confirmed that she had an apprentice but was not mentioned. With the limited detail gleaned from reports, her fighting style is still up for speculation as of the moment.

Other than the possible new character reveal or its balance changes, the new Street Fighter V patch apparently features more Fight Money to be earned. Not including the instant 50,000FM received upon logging in, Event Hubs points out that players can finish Ed's story missions, play through the new second volume of demonstrations and trials, and maybe take the new character through Survival mode. The total potential earnable Fight Money is close to 100,000FM.

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