'Street Fighter V' Latest DLC: Details, New Character, Features, What We Know So Far

Capcom has finally released the latest DLC patch for Street Fighter V. The update brings along some new features and balance changes but also showcases a new fighter called Ed. The fighting game community believes that these changes will most likely change the current character tier list. Gamers looking to grab the new fighter can choose to spend the in-game fight money worth 100,000FM or purchase him for $5.99 via the PlayStation Store.

The new update also brings back the classic Thailand stage that was unfortunately removed due to some controversy with its background music (BGM). The stage music has been reportedly fixed, while another classic stage makes its way back to Street Fighter V. Veteran Street Fighter fans will recognize the Flamenco Tavern as Vega's stage from Street Fighter II. Season Pass holders will have access to the new character for free along with a bonus costume, as reported by Event Hubs.

As an added bonus for fans, Capcom will reportedly award a bonus 50,000FM to all players who login post-patch, says Shoryuken. However, players should know that the bonus fight money is a limited bonus for players who access the updated game from May 30 to June 13, 2017. The bulk of the update reportedly focuses on a significant improvement to Street Fighter V's CFN. Some of the improvements involve shorter load times during online matches, Rage Quit penalty icons should supposedly work properly, and country flags should populate correctly especially in Battle Lounge mode.

Street Fighter V players will also get an improved fighter profile stats along with an in-game announcer that will read out data on opponents and the player from the server. Online matchmaking has also been reportedly improved to find opponents in online battles quickly. A tweak has been made to prevent gamers from fighting the same people repeatedly in a given period. Players can now add people as friends with an interactive timeline that views their most recent activities in the game.

Capcom knows that Street Fighter V encountered a rough start, but its competitive scene is very popular and has great viewership. However, Bandai Namco is about to release Tekken 7, and it is expected to draw more players due to its expected full-featured offering on launch day, which is unlike the bare bones experience players got when Street Fighter V was released.

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