'Fortnite' Emotes Tracker: Release Date, Price and How to Get Pokimane's Emote

'Fortnite' Emotes Tracker: Release Date, Price and How to Get Pokimane's Emote
Pokimane's Poki emote on "Fortnite" is making a comeback! Photo : Craig Barritt/Getty Images

The Poki emote on "Fortnite" is making a comeback in the game's Item Shop update. The emote is inspired by the famous Twitch streamer and YouTuber Pokimane after she posted a viral dance from her TikTok account.

How to Get the Poki Emote on "Fortnite"

According to Comicbook, the Poki Emote will return to the game's Item Shop for players to purchase and use on Thursday night. The emote was previously made avaialable on "Fortnite'' last January 2020, but it has been removed after that. It is still uncertain how much the rare emote will cost, but based on previous "Fornite" rare emotes, it may be priced at 500 V-Bucks to purchase, as it was the price when it debuted in three months ago.

Pokimane posted on her Twitter account and announced that her "Fortnite" Poki Emote is back due to popular demand. However, Epic Games has no official word and has not confirmed whether Pokimane's statement is true.

For what it's worth, tipsters like ShiinaBR and FNinformation have posted on Twitter to say the Poki Emote will be returning to "Fortnite." FNinformation stated that the emote got its shop asset updated, meaning that it will be released within the next few days.

Last year, Pokimane revealed that Epic Games had approached her to do an emote for "Fortnite." The Twitch streamer also shared that she specifically asked for her phone to appear and take a selfie.

Pokimane Dethroned by Amouranth in Twitch

In other related news, Pokimane has been dethroned by Amouranth for the No.1 Top Female Streamer on Twitch. Comicbook reported that Pokimane has long been the top female streamer on the platform.

However, Amouranth's Twitch channel has been growing for the past months since she offers various ways to keep her viewers entertained for hours of streaming. Besides playing games, Amouranth has been seen dancing, recording ASMR, or sleeping in her channel. Even when she is sound asleep, people are still glued to her channel and watching her under the covers.

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In a data report by Stream Charts, it was revealed that Amouranth was the top female streamer for the month of March. She has accumulated 1.79 million hours of watched content throughout the month, topping Pokimane by a small margin of 1.77 million hours. But due to Amouranth's sleeping habits, she has streamed on Twitch for a total of 299 hours in March, while Pokimane only streamed for less than 93 hours.

That may be one of the reasons why she is number in the past month. If Amouranth will continue making creative content and raising her stream views, Twitch would definitely have a new Queen other than Pokimane.

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