Optimus Prime Is Alive! New $700 Transformers Autobot Can Transform, Walk!

Optimus Prime Becomes Real! New $700 Autobot Can Transform, Walk
A real Optimus Prime that can transform from a truck to robot and even walk has been made! Photo : Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

"Transformers" is one of the most beloved cartoons in the 90s era, along with its toys and action figures that kids were really into back in the day. It was a unique experience for kids to play and watch it with its transforming features.

However, in today's time, engineering has improved the development of technology, so much so that a real Optimus Prime can transform from a truck to robot and even walk!

Self-Transforming Optimus Prime

The Verge reported that Hasbro and Robosen Robotics have collaborated to build an Optimus Prime (from "Transformers") robot that can transform from a car to a robot by itself.

The said 19-inch Optimus Prime self-transforming robot can change with its real robotic engineering that features 27 servo motors, 5,000 components and 60 connected microchips--all used to pull off the automated transforming mechanism.

The "Transformers" robot also features voice commands that users can say to make the robot "roll out" or "transform." Users can wake up the robot by saying "Hey Optimus," followed by one of the many keywords to make the robot do things.

Engadget, meanwhile, noted that the Optimus Prime robot responds to numerous voice commands, including "move forward," "move right/left, "volume up/down," "shutdown," "open fire" and "attack." Users can also tell the robot to "say hello" or ask it "who are you?" The robot's actions will have sound effects, and its responses are voiced by none other than Peter Cullen himself.

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And if users are not fond of voice commands, there is also an app that consumers can download to control Optimus Prime through their phones. By using the mobile app, they can move the robot wherever they like. Also, future toy owners can use the app to program their respective maneuvers to control Optimus.

The publication reported that the "Transformers" robot has a mission section at the mobile app that will teach the user how to operate the robot. The mission section has 60 missions in all that provide step-by-step instructions in moving Optimus Prime. Achieving the missions will grant the user more voice or sound effects for the Optimus robot.

It is essential to note that users can have Optimus Prime play a song like Happy Birthday or any other song, as well as make it dance by loading the file into its hard drive using the included microUSB.

Where to Buy the "Transformers" Optimus Prime Robot? Price and More

According to Cnet, the "Transformers" robot--also called the "Transformers" Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot: Collector's Edition--can be purchased at Hasbro Pulse for the price of $700. Orders are expected to roll out on August 2, 2021.

This is not the first time Robosen Robotics has engineered a self-transforming robot, as the company has a model T9 that goes from cart to robot to show off mad dance moves and pushups in 2020. This Optimus Prime design has taken the company 11 years to design and develop its intricate movement, voice commands and features.

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