Google Play Movies Shutting Down: How to Keep Your Films After July 15th

Google Taking Down Play Movies: How to Keep Your Movies After July 15th
Google Play Movies will no longer be available for most smart TVs starting July 15. Photo : Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for YouTube

Google Play Movies will no longer be available for most smart TVs starting July 15. However, Google plans to provides support for users who paid money buying their movies. fortunately, there is a way to access purchased movies after the Google Play Movies app is removed.

TheNewsWeb is not the first to report bad reviews on the Google Play Movies and TV app. Complaints include the app having a bad name, inconsistent pricing rates, poor movie resolution, and a bad user interface. Google is now taking steps to shut down its app permanently. Google Play Movies will no longer be available for most smart TVs, including LG, Samsung, Roku and Vizio.

However, Google has taken steps to make amends for users who have made purchases in the app.

Google Play Movies Available on YouTube

Google support page informs users will still have access to Google home movies and shows through the YouTube app. Both are connected through Google accounts, so be careful about using the same account to open movies. All past purchases, content, and rent merchandise would also be available on YouTube. However, the Wishlist and Playlists will not be converted, so users would have to create new lists in the YouTube account.

Google Play Movies should be available on the "Your movies and shows" section on the YouTube App. On mobile, this can be accessed in the "Library" icon, and on desktop, it is accessed by the three horizontal lines beside the YouTube icon.

The Verge reported that the same system also allows users to access the service "Movies Anywhere" that users previously used to redeem codes from DVD and Blu-ray digital media.

Starting July 15, users can access their movies and TV content in this manner:

  • Android and Tablet users- Google TV app or YouTube app
  • iPhone and iPad users- Google TV app or YouTube app
  • Chromecast users - Google TV app
  • Android TV users - Google TV app
  • LG, Roku, Samsung and Vizio Smart TVs - YouTube app
  • Roku device users - YouTube App
  • Website users - Google TV website or YouTube website.

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Other Important Notes

The Twitter account @liliputingnews also posted a few more things users should be aware of.

  • Google Play credits can be used to make YouTube movie purchases.
  • Play Family Library purchases can be viewed on YouTube. It is also available on the Google Play website or app and will continue to support family sharing. However, purchases made exclusively on YouTube are not eligible for family sharing.
  • Google provides a "Thank You" gift for Google Play Movie & TV users who are affected by this system change. They will be giving a unique code to receive extra credit when applying for a movie or show purchase.

Google Support also remains to be available for these services. Simply head to Google's Help Center to make an inquiry.
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