'Monster Hunter Rise' Charge Blade Guide: How to Use, Activate Axe Mode, Attack, and Pro Tips

'Monster Hunter Rise' Charge Blade Guide: How to Use, Activate Axe Mode, Attack, and Pro Tips
The Charge Blade weapon in "Monster Hunter Rise" is a complex one because of its two modes: Sword and Axe. Photo : David McNew/Getty Images

In the "Monster Hunter Rise" Nintendo Switch game, there are 14 weapons that players can choose from, and one of which is the Charge Blade. This weapon is a complex one because of its two modes: Sword and Axe. However, if players master the art of switching between Sword and Axe modes, it can deal much damage to monsters on the battlefield.

With that said, here is a guide to mastering the Charge Blade in "Monster Hunter Rise."

How to Use "Monster Hunter Rise" Charge Blade in Nintendo Switch

In "Monster Hunter Rise," the Charge Blade is one of the most versatile weapons hunters can use to attack monsters. As mentioned before, the Charge Blade has two modes that you can use. It is essential to note that this weapon can be used as a Sword and Shield or an axe--much like a Great Sword.

In Sword and Shield mode, you must attack monsters with clean hits to gather enough Kinetic Energy stored on the Phials inside the Shield. Once you have picked enough KE, you can change the Sword and Shield mode into the Axe mode and release the stored Kinetic Energy in the form of Element Charge that deals additional damage to monsters. In simple terms, using Sword and Shield Mode will gather Phials while using Axe Mode will release the Phials. Do this repeatedly and the monsters will be crushed in no time.

According to SegmentNext, It is important to remember that the Charge Blade has different Phials types that you can use in "Monster Hunter Rise." For example, using Element Phials can cause additional damage to the monsters, while Impact Phials can stun them when players bash the enemy on the head.

"Monster Hunter Rise" Charge Blade Basic Movesets, Combos and Silkbind Attacks

Basic Attacks:

Here are the basic attack buttons for the Sword and Shield Mode for "Monster Hunter Rise" Charge Blade:

  • X - Weak Slash

  • X + A - Forward Slash

  • (Left Stick) + Press A during Combo - Fade Slash

  • ZR + X Morph Slash

  • ZR + A - Charge

  • ZR - Block

  • Hold A - Charged Double Slash

Basic Attacks for the Axe Mode for "Monster Hunter Rise" Charge Blade

  • X - Rising Slash

  • A - Element Discharge

  • X + A - Amped Element Discharge

  • ZR - Morph Slash


In Sword and Shield mode, here are the attacks you can use:

  • X + A > X > X - Element Roundslash Combo into Axe Mode (Power Mode requires more than one Phial)

  • Hold A > X + A > X + A > ZR - Sword Mode - Boosting Combo (Do this during Element Boost Only)

As for Axe mode, there are several options as well:

  • Hold A > ZR + A > A > Hold X - Axe Combo into Amped Element Discharge

  • Left Stick + X > A > A - Axe Combo into Element Discharge

  • Hold A > A > A or X +A - Super Element Discharge (During Element Boost)

  • X > A > X > A - Basic Axe Combo

When it comes to combos, you can use the following moves to deal more damage:

  • Hold A > X + A > Hold A > ZR + A > Step - Fast Phials Combo

  • Hold A > X + A > Hold A > ZR + A > X + A > X + A > ZR - Quick Element Boost

  • ZR + A > A > A > X + A > Left Stick + X - Element Discharge Combo


Using the silkbind, here are the moves you can  do to attack:

  • Morphing Advance - This attack propels players forward while the Charge Blade switches to Axe Mode. During this attack, players are immune to knockback and stun.

  • Counter Peak Performance - When players are in this stance, the Charge Blade will be in maximum charge when monsters attack the player.

"Monster Hunter Rise" Charge Blade Tips and Tricks

According to GameRant, the Charge Blade can incorporate additional damage to monsters if players follow up the basic attacks with combos. Element Boost occurs when players are attacking with Axe: Element Roundslash.

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During this stage, the player's power and capacity will be improved during Axe Mode. This move will also transform the Amped Element Discharge into a more destructive action called Super Element Discharge. Blocking on this state will cause the Shield to burst into an explosion that damages the monster.

Take note that your attack and movement speed in the Axe Mode are slow, so when attacking, you will have to work on their timing.

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