'MLB The Show 21' Guide: Where to Download, How to Play Cross-Platform and More

‘MLB The Show 21’ Guide: Where to Download, How to Play Cross-Platform and More
As "MLB The Show 21" comes to the Xbox gaming consoles for the first time, it also brings several other features. Photo : Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

As "MLB The Show 21" comes to the Xbox gaming consoles for the first time, it also brings several other features. The baseball simulation video game will also have cross-platform saves that players can use if their PlayStation or Xbox is broken or unavailable (or set on fire due to too much gaming).

How to Cross-platform Save in "MLB The Show 21"

Realsport101 explained that by linking to an online account on TheShow.com, players can save their "MLB The Show 21" progression and access it through cross-platform saves. Once players have saved their content, they can play the game through another game console of their choosing.

On the website, players should click or tap on the "My Account" section located at the upper-right corner of the screen. By clicking it, they are presented with an option to which gaming console they currently use.

Once that is done, players must log in to their respective PlayStation or Xbox accounts. From there, they must click on the bottom-left section of the screen to register an account on the website.

Then, open "MLB The Show 21" from the PlayStation or Xbox and select the top-left icon to get the ballplayer and profile, and press on "Link Account." The game will give a prompt to visit it and will inform players that the link was successful. When done, cross-platform saves will be possible, and when players are playing into a new console, they can always log in to the account on the website.

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"MLB The Show 21" Release Date and How to download

"MLB The Show 21" for the Xbox gaming console will be released on April 20 on the Xbox Game Pass, and players who have a subscription can download the game for free. They cannot play the game once the Xbox GP subscription is forfeited, though.

However, if players want to experience the game ahead of schedule, they can also purchase the Jackie Robinson Edition for $84.99 and the Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition for $99.99. This comes with four-day early access and some goodies for the players, as MSN reported.

"MLB The Show 21" Features

According to Bleacher Report, "MLB The Show 21" has some other content for the gamers and new improvements to the game, such as Stadium Creator, Pinpoint Pitching, Field upgrades and more.

The added Stadium Creator for "MLB The Show 21" has been one of the most requested features from fans of the franchise. The game's Brand Strategist, Ramone Russell, stated that they have talked about the feature for five years and has been working on it for the past couple of seasons. Russell pointed out that they have waited for this long to integrate the feature because they wanted to fully open the next-gen console's capabilities.

The Stadium Creator feature will allow players to recreate or reenvision their stadiums in "MLB The Show 21" and do whatever they want with it. Russell added that the Stadium Creator is a fantastic tool that can be a stand-alone game in the future.

Moreover, one other significant improvement in "MLB The Show 21" is the Pinpoint Pitching, which is a critical gameplay area. According to FanSided's Matt Liebl, the Pinpoint Pitching for "MLB The Show 21" will combine the Meter and Analog pitching functions along with new specific gesture motions that players will perform with the R stick. The PP will be rated on a GRD system: Gesture Performance, Release Timing, and Direction of Release. If players precisely perform the action, they can always have a perfect pitch.

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