Tesla Cybertuck Gets Drive Test From Elon Musk: Exterior Design, Features and More

Tesla Cybertuck Gets Drive Test From Elon Musk: Exterior Design, Features and More
The Tesla Cybertruck caused a buzz once again on Twitter after Elon Musk took a prototype of it for a drive. Photo : Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images

The Tesla Cybertruck caused a buzz once again on Twitter after Elon Musk took a prototype of it for a drive when he visited the company's Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Benzinga reported.

Cybertruck production will take place at the said site as Musk said in a tweet. Images of him, along with the site's construction workers, also surfaced on Twitter.

Musk's decision to create a manufacturing facility in Texas has been seen as one of the forces behind the tech movement from Silicon Valley in California.

Apart from the Gigafactory, Musk's three other companies--Neuralink, SpaceX, and The Boring Company--also operate in Texas, as per Business Insider.

Tesla Cybertruck Design

Tesla Cybertruck's latest images on Twitter seemingly don't have any noticeable difference at first compared with the prototypes spotted on other occasions.

Musk previously mentioned that Tesla would introduce an updated Cybertruck version last year. The plan has been moved to this quarter of this year.

The Tesla founder also said that the Cybertruck wouldn't have handles. The recent Twitter images show handles, so it might not be the final design yet.

Musk shared that Cybertruck's futuristic, post-apocalyptic look is inspired by Blade Runner and James Bond's Lotus Esprit, which appeared in the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me," CNBC shared.

The Cybertruck sports a unibody exterior, described by its automaker as an exoskeleton. The pickup truck's boxy, sharp contours result from its use of 3mm-thick stainless steel panels that can only be flexed along straight lines similar to origami.

The metal chassis of the Cybertruck cannot be stamped, unlike the exterior of traditional vehicles.

Previous Cybertruck concepts included the use of titanium panels, but Tesla decided to use proprietary stainless steel for enhanced strength.

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Tesla Cybertruck Price

Tesla offers the Cybertruck in two models: the single motor RWD (rear-wheel drive) at $39,900, the dual-motor AWD (all-wheel drive) at $49,900, and the tri-motor AWD at $69,900, according to the maker's official website.

Under the hood, the dual-motor AWD Cybertruck comes with a powertrain similar to that of the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X.

Like other Tesla cars, interested buyers can pre-order the Cybertruck with a full self-driving feature upgrade for an additional $10,000 on top of the original price.

Tesla Cybertruck Past Appearances

Cybertruck prototype's recent appearance is a first after more than six months since its last sighting, per Electrek.

Tesla's Cybertruck, the automaker's upcoming battery-powered electric pickup truck, was unveiled in November 2019 at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles, California.

Elon Musk was seen driving the Cybertruck on various occasions around LA after the unveiling. Tesla's CEO was also spotted taking it for a drive with American TV host Jay Leno in January 2021.

Prototype of Tesla Cybertruck was displayed at the Petersen Museum in LA, giving the general public and motoring journalists the "first stationary public display" of the vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck release date remains unclear until now, but Musk mentioned in January that shipping might begin at the end of this year. The Tesla CEO projected volume production to kick off in 2022.

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