Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Leak Reveals Mysterious CPU: Other Specs, Possible Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Leak Reveals Mysterious CPU: Other Specs, Possible Price and Release Date
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leak from a Twitter tipster hints at the possible processor that will power Samsung's next-generation foldable smartphone. Photo : Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung's next-generation folding smartphone, is making  the rounds once more after tipster Ice universe (@UniverseIce) tweeted that it will carry a "top secret" CPU.

The latest galaxy Z Fold 3 leak hinted at the possibility of the device not carrying either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or a Samsung Exynos 2100 processor, according to TechRadar.

While the leak didn't confirm what CPU will exactly power Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2's successor, it is worth noting that the aforementioned processors have been around for quite a while and are found on current flagship smartphones. With that said, Samsung might be planning to use an improved processor for it's next-generation gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S21, the Korean tech giant's incumbent hero product, has versions equipped either with an Exynos 2100 or a Snapdragon 888 CPU.

@UniverseIce has a reputation for sharing pretty accurate predictions in the past. Apart from his latest leak, earlier rumors circulating online about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are also giving us a glimpse of what to expect of the next-generation foldable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Specs

While being an upgrade of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 might come with a smaller 7.5-inch main display and a 6.2-inch cover display.

The current Samsung Galaxy Z Fold model is slightly bigger with its 7.6-inch main screen and 6.23-inch screen, The Elec noted.

Samsung might also downgrade the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the battery department. It might carry a 4380mAh battery, which is asmaller battery capacity compared with the 4500mAh of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

With that being said, one could assume that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 might fall short in terms of battery life, but note that the mysterious processor and smaller displays might mean better energy efficiency.

The downgrades also hint at the possibility that the new Galaxy Z Fold might sell more affordable than its predecessor.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was unveiled last September 2020. With that being said, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 might launch in September 2021.

With that speculation, it means that it would not appear in the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2021, which has been rumored as Samsung's launching pad for new Galaxy Book models, namely the rumored Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book Pro 360.

In a separate Techradar report, tipster Yogesh (@heyitsyogesh) tweeted that the Galaxy Z Fold 3, along with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, might be unveiled in August 2021 and hit store shelves during the first quarter of 2022.

Yogesh also mentioned that Samsung might tease the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, a triple folding smartphone, at the launch of the next-generation Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold.

With these revelations, it seems that we are going to see more smartphones adopting different form factors soon, aside from the ubiquitous candybar format.

Another Twitter tipster, Tron (@cozyplanes), tweeted that in addition to foldables, rollables and scrollables are set to become more prevalent next year.

Looking at the recent state of affairs, it might become a reality as TCL already introduced its Fold N' Roll smartphone concept. LG also showed its version of a rollable smartphone earlier this 2021.

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