xCloud for iOS and Windows 10 PC Going Beta: Release Date and How to Join

xCloud for iOS and Windows PC Going Beta: Release Date and How to Join
Xbox is testing its gaming programs on Windows 10 PC and Apple mobile devices. Here is what you need to know to join the program. Photo : Peter Summers/Getty Images

Xbox is testing its gaming titles on Windows 10 PC and Apple mobile devices. Starting April 20, invitations would be sent out to beta gamers that allows them access the xCloud gaming through their browsers.

Since last year, Microsoft teased about extending their gaming services to mobile and web browsers. This is a program to promote the multiplayer gaming experience by offering their games to a bigger crowd. Unfortunately, the transition between console-only programs to mobile interfaces is proved to be a long and challenging task.

Now, The Verge reported that Microsoft could not offer its services on iPhone and iPad back in September due to Apple's restrictions on cloud gaming applications. After a public war of words, with both parties pitching in ideas to resolve the case, it seems the issue has been resolved with xCloud being available on the iOS platform.

xCloud Gaming Services

Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, also known as xCloud, is a cloud gaming technology offering games that go beyond the boundaries of consoles and system OS. The xCloud beta will be launched for web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Edge. A 9to5Mac reviewer said that testing the system back in February had considerable lag time. However, it showed fantastic potential by providing convenience in playing console games on iOS and Android systems.

Microsoft would be testing over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles during this beta test. The cloud gaming systems have been reprogrammed to a simplified and universal landing page, and to adapt from console to mobile interface and vice versa quickly. Microsoft hopes that this development would help make cloud gaming easily accessible to players.

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XCloud for iOs and Windows: How to Join

Microsoft opened the beta gaming service to a select few gamers for the testing phase. First, the beta tester must be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. Microsoft will select from this pool of players to whom to send their invites. Only the invited players can become official beta testers.

The program will launch for 22 different countries, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

If you receive an invite by email, then Xbox recommends you to:

  • Open up your compatible devices like Windows 10 PC and Mobile Android or iOS
  • Install compatible browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge version 87 or higher
  • Ready your compatible Xbox controller and connect via Bluetooth or USB
  • Use high-speed internet connections of 10Mbps with 5GHz

To start playing and testing, the invitee needs a Bluetooth or USB-connected controller to connect with the program. The beta-tester could also use custom touch controls that, although limited, could overcome controls for more than 50 of the released games.

Microsoft hopes that their beta testers could help them fine-tune these different platform features and running systems. Microsoft added that they are looking forward to evaluating feedback and improving their gaming systems in the years to come.

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