'MLB The Show 2021' Player Guide: How to Use Loadouts, New Features and More

'MLB The Show 2021' Player Guide: How to Use Loadouts, New Features and More
In "MLB The Show 2021," gamers can now access loadouts to use for a specific game for their BallPlayers. Photo : Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Creating a player profile is not new to several games in the last decade, and "MLB The Show 21" is nothing different. However, in this year's iteration, gamers can now access loadouts to use for a specific game for their BallPlayers.

With that said, here is a guide that gamers can do to equip and customize their players in "MLB The Show 21."

How to Customize Loadouts in "MLB The Show 21"

SegmentNext shared that players can access different loadouts for their players in "MLB The Show 21" by tapping the Profile icon on the top left part of the screen on the main menu. Once players access it, they can now pick three aspects for their player: pitching, throwing, catching, hitting and more.

Note that the largest icon will be the primary Perk players will take, and picking it will add 20 points on that Perk. The two smaller icons will affect the same way, but with seven added skill points. Also, choosing the largest icon will be the player's role in the game. For example, selecting the Sparkplug Perk will put players into the second base position, while the smaller ones will be the player's secondary role in a game.

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Moreover, players can create more than one loadout to best suit them in the game. While at the main loadout page, players can toggle which loadout they want to choose for a specific game. Choosing different loadouts for different games can level up that particular skill they choose. If players choose the Speedster Perk for every game, they can upgrade that skill more quickly.

Also, note that players can get their cosmetics by opening gift packs, which they earn while playing "MLB The Show 21" Road to the Show game mode.

How to Level up BallPlayer in "MLB The Show 21"

When players have selected their Perks in the game, the next thing they can do is upgrade it. YouTuber TwinGamingTV has provided an "MLB The Show 21" tutorial on how to progress player's Perks in the game.

In the loadout menu, players can toggle the View Program below the player's stats graph. Pressing it will go to the "Perk" players have chosen. In this video, TwinGamingTV picked the Slick Fielding Perk, which puts him in the Catcher position. On the View Program menu, players can see their progression and the points they have earned while playing the chosen Perk. Getting 100 points will let the players progress their Perk into a Silver Archetype pack, enabling the player to upgrade the skill even further.

There are three Archetype packs players can access throughout the game: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Do note that only one Perk can be leveled up into the Diamond Archetype in "MLB The Show 21."

Going down into the View Program Menu will be the tasks players must do to earn skill points to upgrade their Bronze Perk into a Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Viewing it will let players know how to level up their respective Perk in "MLB The Show 21." Watch the YouTube video below to see the full details.

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