'Valheim' Floating Structure Goes Viral: Here's How You Can Build Your Own!

'Valheim' Floating Structure Goes Viral: Here's How You Can Build Your Own!
There's a video making rounds on the internet about the creation of a "Valheim" floating structure. With that said, we take a look at how it was made. Photo : Anete Lusina/Pexels

"Valheim'' has been a great success for Iron Gate Studios since its release this year. However, the game has suffered many issues such as lags and glitches that have a different impact on its players

Others were mad about these, while some have used this glitch to make floating structures without the support of any building blocks. In fact, there's a video making rounds on the internet about the creation of such structure.

With that said, we take a look at how to make them and build your floating masterpiece in "Valheim."

How to Make Floating Structures in "Valheim"

YouTuber Arch G showcased his talent in making a "Valheim" glitch memorable. The first thing the YouTuber did was to locate a Copper deposit site on the map. Once a Copper site was located, Arch G excavated the area.

The YouTuber noted that by digging under the Copper deposit, the whole upper section stays intact--which is the glitch. It makes the Copper above it suspended in the air. However, if players dig enough, the entire floating Copper section will explode. Arch G stated that finding the right spot in excavating is vital to have bigger and better support.

Arch G also shared that digging the site will keep the structure in place, and it will be the foundation of the player's design. It is important to excavate the Copper deposit first because there will be a chance that the structure will collaps and all the hard work from the players will be for nothing. Arch G stated that any mineral deposits would do, but the Copper site is the most successful material used to construct a floating structure.

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Once the YouTuber is done digging the Copper site, it proceeds into making reference pieces to measure the depth of the floating Copper. If players recreate this, the YouTuber suggested making a two-column height floating Copper. After that, the YouTuber made a fan of beams with one turn each.

After that, Arch G made a 45-degree angle beam with two turns from the straight beam. After finishing the beams, players will have to build beams going down from the consecutive beams, then place a 45-degree beam again from that straight down facing beam. In time, the YouTuber is looking to build something resembling a bird's nest.

It should be remembered that building a floating structure in "Valheim" will be a time-consuming job. Players will also need several materials to craft this building, like Copper, Iron and Wood. It will not be a problem since the game offers a ton of minerals players can collect. Click below to watch the full build of the floating structure.

"Valheim" Popularity Backfires

According to ScreenRant, the boom in the indie game "Valheim" has caused a repercussion to game developers. Although it has been a success in Steam, the growing demand for its next update is starting to build up.

Speaking to fanbyte, "Valheim" Studio Co-Founder Henrik Tornqvist stated that the game developers were not expecting that the game would succeed in the gaming community quickly. Törnqvist added that the five-person team has to focus on the game's bug fixes before starting to work on the game's update.

"Valheim" Hearth and Home Release Date

However, players can expect the first "Valheim" update to be released after the team has fixed all the bug fixes.

Tornqvist, however, had not set an official date for it. In the meantime, players can try out the floating glitch on the game before Iron Gate Studios has found a way for it to be fixed.

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