Samsung SmartTag Gets Major Update: Finding Lost Items Made Easier, Anti-Spy Feature Added!

Samsung SmartTag Gets Major Update: Voice-Activated Command, Tag Search Coming Soon!
With the upcoming rollout of a new update, the Samsung SmartTag will have more functionalities. Photo : Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Samsung's SmartTags have been a useful little device over the past year. Attaching this Bluetooth-enabled tile tracker to keys, bags, wallets, and other small things users have in their possession can easily help in finding them if they are lost through the Samsung SmartThings App.

However, with the upcoming rollout of a new update, the device will have more functionalities.

Samsung SmartTag New Features

Slash Gear reported that Samsung is rolling out new features for its SmartTag next week. Using the Samsung SmartThing App, users can now locate other SmartTags in their vicinity by using the new feature called Unknown Tag Search. 

This feature allows users to scan a nearby area for any SmartTags that do not belong to them but are moving along with them. The presumption is that a tile tracker moving along with the user is most likely also trying to spy on them.

Other than that, Samsung promised that the company will not track user data, as they assured that using SmartTags will be a secure and private feature. The data will be encrypted and protected by a random ID feature that changes every 15 minutes. Also, a user's SmartTag location will not be revealed to anyone other than the tracker's owner.

This SmartTag feature is a big win for user safety. It can locate other SmartTag devices that the user maybe unaware of, as the tile-tracker could be slipped into the user's bag, jacket, pocket or any other things stalkers can slip it on. 

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Other than that, PhoneArena noted that Samsung is coming with a voice-assist feature for its SmartTags. With the use of Bixby, users can ask commands to locate user's things around the house and amplify a ringing sound from the tile tracker to find the missing item.

Samsung users who attach their personal belongings with a SmartTag will surely benefit from this as it makes searching easier and hands-free.

What Is a Samsung SmartTag?

According to Consumer Reports, Samsung SmartTag is a Bluetooth-enabled tile tracker that lets users find their missing things around them. Attaching this device to your remote, keys, wallet, bags, purse, and other valuable items can locate the lost items through the use of the Samsung SmartThings app.

If users have lost their wallet after a quick bite on a restaurant, the tag's last location can be found on Google Map built into the SmartThings app. If users are close to the SmartTag, meaning it is within range of their phone's Bluetooth or a UWB signal, they can activate the Search Nearby feature and slowly sweep their phone from side to side. The app will allow users know if they are close or far from the device.

Also, if users are really close to the SmartTag, the Samsung SmartThings app will toggle a VR mode, which uses the phone's camera and points out the location of the tile tracker. Using the VR mode will let the app direct the user to the tile site, with pointing arrows popping up the screen while indicating how far you are to the device. Once users locate the tile tracker, fireworks will spawn out of the app.

Users can purchase a Samsung SmartTag on the Samsung website, Amazon, Best Buy, and other retail stores in the market for only $30 or less. 

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