'Fortnite' Batman Skins: How to Get Armored Batman, Harley Quinn and More

'Fortnite' Batman Skins: How to Get Armored Batman, Harley Quinn, and More
The "Fortnite" Batman skin set is one of the most coveted DC-inspired skins among players these days. However, obtaining it requires doing some special tasks. Photo : Vlad Gorshkov/Unsplash

The "Fortnite" Batman skin set is one of the most coveted DC-inspired skins among players these days.

The folks at "Fortnite" and DC Comics have been working together for some time now. Apart from the game crossover, the two franchises also collaborated to come up with "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point," a six-issue comic book. Its first issue started selling on DC's website on April 20 for $4.99.

Fans of "Fortnite" and DC Comics who will buy every issue in the comic book series will get a special in-game item, including "Fortnite" skins. However, other details remain unconfirmed at the moment, as per Dexerto's story.

How to Get "Fortnite" Armored Batman Skin

The "Fortnite" Armored Batman skin was leaked back in March, appearing in the Batman/Fortnite trailer and giving fans a glance at the item.

Players must buy all six issues of the comic book series to get a "Fortnite" Batman code for the Armored Batman Zero skin, which sports a different design--a far cry from the classic Batman outfit. It is also made more appropriate for the game.

Some players might anticipate that the "Fortnite" Armored Batman skin would become available through the Item Shop, but neither DC Comics nor Epic Games has made a statement on the matter so far.

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How to Get "Fortnite" Harley Quinn Skin

The "Fortnite" Harley Quinn skin is now available when you purchase the first issue of the "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point" comic book.

Named as the Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit, this "Fortnite" skin takes a leaf from the DC Rebirth book, featuring a black and red jacket and donning the character's renowned blue and red pigtails.

"Fortnite" Harley Quinn skins are no longer new in the game, but the Rebirth Harley Quinn outfit is a standout among others.

Besides buying the #1 issue of "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point," you can also get the latest "Fortnite" Harley Quinn skin by purchasing it on the Fortnite Item Shop. However, it will only become available in June this year.

How to Get "Fortnite" Deathstroke Glider

The "Fortnite" Deathstroke Glider will become available along with the launch of the "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point" issue #4, according to Twitter tipster iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey).

Neither Epic Games nor DC Comics, however, has released a statement to confirm this, but it is still a game reward to look forward to once the fourth issue of the comic book series comes out.

Rendered image of the "Fortnite" Deathstroke Glider circulating on Twitter shows that it sports a simple triangular design with an orange and grey color scheme. This color pattern is consistent with the design of Deathstroke, a Batman supervillain.

It might not be as exciting as the actual character skin, but the "Fortnite" item is assuring players that a "Fortnite" Deathstroke skin is coming soon with a hint at what the skin would look like.

Apart from Harley Quinn and Deathstroke, Catwoman will also appear in "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point," according to a comic book cover shared by Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR (@ShiinaBR) on Twitter.

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