Tax Refund 2021 Tracker: 2 Online Tools to See Refund Status While Waiting for Your Stimulus Check

Tax Refund 2021 Tracker: 2 Online Tools to See Refund Status While Waiting for Your Stimulus Check
The IRS has a lot of due payments prepared for eligible Americans, including the ax refunds. Luckily, IRS has a few online tools you can use for this. Photo : Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The IRS has a lot of due payments prepared for eligible Americans. Between the third stimulus checks and modified tax rebates, new procedures and systems have taken place for the 2021 tax season. It could get confusing when monitoring all these payments while waiting for them to arrive on your doorstep.

Luckily, IRS has a few online tools you can use.

The third stimulus checks have brought in new policies and eligibility rules. For some Americans, the wait continues because not all these stimulus payments have been delivered. On top of that, this month marks the phase where IRS has introduced both child tax returns and the recovery rebate credits. These are a lot of money you need to monitor.

Fortunately, IRS has finished developing online tools to check the status of your money to check the status of your tax refund. Cnbc shared that both tools are available on the IRS website or through their mobile app. One is used for tax preparation assistance, and the other is to monitor your refund status.


IRS2Go, the official mobile app for the IRS system, is now available in Google Play, Apple App Store, or Amazon. You can use this tool to make a payment, check on your tax refund status, sign up for helpful tax tips, find free tax preparation assistance, and more.

The app runs in both Spanish and English language.

Where's My Refund

The online tool Where's My Refund is available on the IRS website. Use this tool to track your refund status, whether it is currently being processed, approved or delivered. You need to provide your social security number or ITIN, filing status, and the exact refund amount you are expecting to use the tool.

Use available online calculators to compute the money you are owed.

IRS updates both tool's systems daily, usually at night time, so you can use them to check the most up-to-date information on your payments.

Here are also other available online tools you can use to check the status of your stimulus payments while waiting at home.

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Stimulus Check Tracker: USPS Service

Register for "Informed Delivery" through the USPS service. By signing up in their system, you will be notified of any parcel or mail status listed with your name, including the paper check for the third stimulus payment.

This online tool can give you an estimate on how many days you would wait for the delivery.

Get My Payment

Get My Payment was the first tool released by the IRS and continues to be helpful until today. The system provides you with complete information regarding your stimulus check payments. It also includes valuable information, including your eligibility, list of dependents, and how much money is due to your account. Use this tool to cross-check the information provided by the other online tools listed above.

If you have not received your payment by direct deposit through the bank, then keep an eye on the mailbox. IRS delivery for the third stimulus check and rebate payments should be coming in some time soon.

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