Tamagotchi Pix Allows You to Take Photos with Your Virtual Pet! How It Works, Where to Buy, and How Much

Tamagotchi Pix Allows You to Take Photos with Your Virtual Pet! How It Works, Where to Buy and How Much
Bandai America announces the return of virtual pets with Tamagochi Pix. More amazingly, the upgraded Tamagotchi has exciting new features, including an integrated camera! Photo : Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Bandai America announces the return of Tamagotchi virtual pets. However, the upgraded Tamagotchi has exciting new features, including an integrated camera!

The Tamagotchi was an insanely popular game around the late 1990s to early 2000s. Tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet that quickly became one of the biggest and classical toy fads. It is extremely handy, barely around two inches in size and shaped like an egg with three buttons.

Players often bring their Tamagotchi everywhere. Not only because its size is easy to pocket or simply ring around one of your fingers indefinitely, but because the Tamagotchi pet has a lot of demands. The small pixelated pet has many exciting features, like having emotions, demanding food at irregular intervals, and leaving poop for players to clean up. The Tamagotchi pet needs a lot of looking after, hence the name of the game: with the Japanese words "Tamago" meaning "Egg" and "Uotchi" meaning "Watch."

Be warned that if you are a bad player, the Tamagotchi might unfortunately die.

Tamagotchi Pix: How to Use

Bandai America is bringing back this classical game by announcing a new version called Tamagotchi Pix.

 The Tamagotchi Pix has a camera installed in the back that allows players to take a picture with their virtual pet and interact with them. Simply aim the camera on your face, press the upper section of the eggshell and your photo would automatically be taken.

The new Tamagotchi Pix has sensors instead of buttons, which give the players more functionality with swipe-based gestures. Slash Gear reported that the Tamagotchi Pix also has the features to let players cook for their pets, have the food delivered, explore the real world together, take pictures of their adventure and meet other Tamagotchi friends.

The Amazon description for the Tamagotchi Pix noted that it has 17 games to offer to earn Gotchi points. For reference, the old Tamagotchi only offers three or four games to play, clearly making the new Tamagotchi Pix superior in performance.

The Tamagotchi Pix doesn't require Internet connection to interact with the virtual pet or other Tamagotchi friends. The company plans to uphold its player's privacy by abstaining from a web-based interface. This means that most of the game and its storage might be centralized to the handheld device alone.

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Where to Buy the Tamagotchi Pix

Preorders for the Tamagotchi Pix start Thursday for some online retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Toys "R" Us, and Walmart. Four Egg Shell variants are available, with Blue, Green, Pink and Purple. The Tamagotchi Pix is priced at $59.99 per piece.

The Tamagotchi Pix runs on two AAA batteries which can last up to two weeks.

The Tamagotchi Pix game targets 6-12-year-old players, but would also sell out to some Tamagotchi collectors. Don't miss out on your chance to own a Tamagotchi by preordering one now!

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