'Genshin Impact' 1.6 Rumors Reveal Japanese-Themed Enemies in Inazuma Region—Incomplete Map Also Leaked!

'Genshin Impact' 1.6 Rumors Reveal Japanese-Themed Enemies in Inazuma Region--Incomplete Map Also Leaked!
According to latest leaks, dataminers have found out what players could expect when the "Genshin Impact" 1.6 update is released into the game. Photo : Alex Haney/Unsplash

As gamers are getting ready for the upcoming "Genshin Impact" 1.5 updates to land on April 30, it seems that fans are still not satisfied with the added housing system. According to latest leaks, dataminers have found out what players could expect when the 1.6 update is released into the game.

'Genshin Impact' to Add Ninjas and Samurais in 1.6 Update

DualShockers reported that well-known data miners Falzar and Dimbreath revealed what could miHoYo be adding into the future 1.6 update. The data miners leaked that Ninjas and Samurais will be added to the game as a part of the new Inazuma region. In the data, the tipsters found out the words "Ronin: Anbu," "Ronin: Sanzoku," and Bakufu Bushi."

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According to the publication, the upcoming enemies for the "Genshin Impact" 1.6 update will be based on Japanese culture and pop culture. The data miners, however, stated that filed were not updated since the 1.4 release. This means that these Ninja and Samurai enemies are not still in the final release stages and are subject to change in time.

Inazuma Region Leaked! Unfinished Physical Structures in 'Genshin Impact'

According to Sportskeeda, a YouTuber named Project Piyik has discovered the various islands in "Genshin Impact," which is believed to be the archipelago that will be the base of the Inazuma region. In the video, the YouTuber used some flying glitches to reach the undeveloped islands of the possible location of Inazuma.

Upon reaching the archipelago, the groundmass and its oceans appeared to have low graphics. However, the publication expressed belief that this could be the groundwork where Inazuma's inception will start. There is also a chance that the most-anticipated region of "Genshin Impact" will be released sooner than expected.

There are also leaked videos and images showing Inzuma's unfinished structures and model posted by Twitter user Lumie. In the video, the Inazuma models are so vast and expansive that players could explore more of the upcoming region in "Genshin Impact."

At the final length of the video, viewers can see an overhead map of the possible Inazuma region, which has similarities with the YouTube video by Project Piyik, boasting inter-connected islands over a larger sea bed. This also confirms the previous map that Lumie posted three months ago from its Twitter account.

Kazuha and Yoimiya for 'Genshin Impact' Inazuma Region

According to a Twitter user, Project Celestia has posted new information about the upcoming characters in "Genshin Impact." On the tipster's Twitter account, it posted several notes about Yoimiya, Kazuha and Ayaka.

In the image, Yoimiya is a 5-star bow-wielder girl with a Pyro vision and has the "Dreams of Dragonfell'' in her code. On the other hand, Kazuha is a 5-star sword-wielder boy with an Anemo vision with Wind Zone's Elemental Burst ability.

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