Google Assistant Settings and Update: New Voice Shortcuts, Commands, and How to Use

Google Assistant Settings and Update: New Voice Shortcuts, Commands and How to Use
Google is improving their Assistant feature with codename "Guacamole." It is reported to perform time-sensitive "quick tasks" without requiring users to say "Hey Google." Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images

Google is improving their Assistant feature with codename "Guacamole." It is reported to perform time-sensitive "quick tasks" without requiring users to say "Hey Google," according to a discovery made by androidpolice.

Virtual Assistant AI is becoming a popular trend among smart speakers. Using voice commands, the Assistant AI could now manipulate music playback, set alarms, create to-do lists, stream podcasts, provide news on weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information. These are only some of the primary functions in the automation system.

Alongside the iconic Alexa and Siri, Google Assistant is making significant upgrades with the Guacamole feature. The Guacamole menu might appear for some smartphones with the Google App on Android. When active, the Google Assistant will perform specific tasks without being prompted with the "Hey Google" command.

Google Assistant: Guacamole

In a screenshot from the androidpolice report, "Guacamole" appeared in the Google Settings menu from a Google App running on Android. The option should appear between the "General" and "Help Improve Assistant" options. If the "Guacamole" does not appear, the feature might not be released yet, or the Google app needs to be updated.

When the Guacamole feature is turned on, "Voice Shortcuts" is said to be enabled. Guacamole is reported to be able to perform some simple tasks without being commanded through the "Hey Google" hotword. These quick tasks include:

  • Stopping or snoozing an alarm
  • Answering or Declining incoming calls

For example, when Guacamole is activated, simply saying "Stop" or "Snooze" will automatically prompt the Google Assistant to turn your alarm off. This is a lot more efficient and instantaneous than saying the whole command: "Hey Google, Turn off the alarm."

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System Settings and Update

9to5google reported that the feature is currently undergoing testing by Google's employees. Only selected Google testers will be given access to the Assistant Menu. Tests are now being run to ensure the efficiency of this new feature.

Unfortunately, there is no other news reporting on the accuracy of this feature. There have also been no further updates for other smartphone apps that could use the Guacamole feature outside the alarm clock and calling system.

Google is very secretive about the Guacamole. The internet giant has not released any official announcement on the project. It is also possible that Google may not ever release this feature if their current interpretation during this trial phase concludes the Guacamole to be imperfect.

However, it is also possible that Google plans to upgrade Guacamole features to a higher level. It might be the first company to remove the troublesome "Hey Google" prompting in the mobile platform. The Guacamole feature is reported to be available for users with version of Google's app and running on Android 11 or higher. This is exciting news for many android users using the Google Assistant feature.

The Guacamole feature is expected to make its official debut at the Google I/O Developer Conference on May 18.

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