'League of Legends' Prime Rewards: How to Get Mystery Skin Shard in LoL

'League of Legends' Prime Rewards: How to Get Mystery Skin Shard in LoL
"League of Legends" players can look forward to free skin shards coming from Prime Gaming. Photo : Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

"League of Legends" players can look forward to free skin shards coming from Prime Gaming. The subscription freebies will continue to unlock from May through July, giving players plenty of chances to grab the cosmetics.

The game and its developers continue to live up to their pre-season promise of releasing brand new skins every month. The game already released Battle Academia, Space Groove, Blackfrost, and Dragonslayer earlier this year, and yet gamers still need to look out for more Ruination content.

Luckily, Prime Gaming is boosting players' chances of grabbing new skins. Dotsports reported that Amazon Prime subscribers can look forward to skin shard loot freebies, with the first skin shard now available on its official website.

'League of Legends' Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is a subscription service available on Amazon Prime that offers in-game content, free games to download, and free monthly channel subscriptions on Twitch. Every month, a selected number of games give exclusive offers and free in-game items to its subscribers. "League of Legends" gets its turn to give in-game bonuses this month.

To avail of these free skin shards, players need to subscribe to Prime Gaming. Players will then need to log in to their Amazon account, go to the "Prime Gaming" website and select "Try Prime." This will ask the users to identify their current country. Select "Continue" and complete the membership sign-up and account linking process. The subscription costs $5.99 a month

The subscription offers a one-month free trial for users who want to try it out. However, make sure to cancel the subscription before the month ends so Amazon will not automatically deduct subscription fees.

If the Prime Gaming account is subscribed and active, users can unlock their free Mystery Skin Shards on May 10 and May 21. Users could also look forward to more skin shard releases on July 1 and July 11. The July releases will mark the 18th Mystery Skin Shard out of the 36 freebies Prime Gaming plans to release.

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More Events Coming in LoL

"League of Legends" players should also be on the lookout for more Ruination content with the release of "Ruin Rising: Reckoning." Check out this amazing Cinematic video the game recently released.

"Teamfight Tactics" is a game series that draft, deploy and dominate using the roaster of "League of Legends" champions in a round-based strategic battle for supremacy. The game is available on PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.

"Ruin Rising: Reckoning" will be marking a new season in "Teamfight Tactics," with new Little Legends, champions, arenas, and strategies in the mix. Players will be fighting alongside Dragonsouls, Slayers, Syphoners, and other new ultimate champions, including Devil Teemo. Avail the Reckoning Pass to get even more exclusives such as Booms and emotes for an exciting gaming experience.

"League of Legends" gamers have a lot of exciting new content to collect, so make sure to log in now, subscribe to Prime Gaming, and start unlocking in-game rewards!

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