'Disaster Girl' Meme NFT Sold $500,000 for Real!

'Disaster Girl' Meme NFT Sold $500,000 for Real!
If you know your way around internet memes, then you must have seen the "Disaster Girl" at least once in your life. This meme officially just sold for $500,000 as an NFT online Photo : NeONBRAND/Unsplash

If you know your way around internet memes, then you must have seen the "Disaster Girl" at least once in your life. This meme officially just sold for $500,000 as an NFT online!

Zoë Roth is best known for her "Disaster Girl" meme, featuring an image of her younger self smirking at the camera while a house burns down in the background.

The meme has been notoriously popular and is used for comedic relief, implications of mischief, and even theatrical blackmail. Now the little girl-turned-lady just sold her meme for a huge  amount of money.

Meme NFTs in the Market

The "Disaster Girl" is not the first meme to make a profit out of the non-fungible token (NFT) digital assets system. The Verge reported on other memes making money by selling them as NFT.

The creator of the rainbow Pop-Tart space "Nyan Cat" Chris Torres sold his NFT for $600000. Kyle Craven, the boy featured in the meme "Bad Luck Brian" with the image of a boy on a checkered shirt awkwardly smiling at the camera, earned $36,000 for his meme. Liana Morris with her bright-eyed intensive image known as the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" meme was sold at $411,000.

NFT has been advertised to support artists and creators by allowing them to sell their digital art through the online marketplace and cryptocurrency world. However, memes are not the only multimedia content gaining traction in this market.

The 100 Thieves, a gaming and lifestyle brand organization, markets its NFT merchandise online through its foundation.app/100thieves website. Super Bowl champion Tom Brady also joined the hype by launching his own company called Autograph. Autograph plans to sell NFT on some of the biggest fashion, entertainment, and pop-culture work, as well as sports memorabilia and unique digital collectibles for the internet community.

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"Disaster Girl" Meme NFT Sold

New York Times reported that Zoë Roth sold her meme for 180 Ether, approximately $500.000 in the current exchange. Roth however, retains 10% copyright of the image in the possibility of any future sales of the NFT.

Roth reportedly plans to use the money she earned to pay her student loans and donate to charities. She said: "People who are in memes didn't really have a choice in it. The internet is big. Whether you're having a good experience or a bad experience, you kind of just have to make the most of it."

"Disaster Girl" is making the most profit she could from both real-life and the internet community. With this successful sale, it is clear that the NFT community would only continue to grow bigger.

The NFT community serves mostly people who can appreciate pieces of culture similar to an art collector. However, anybody can join the fever at a moment's notice. Keep a lookout for more NFT merchandise available through online auctions and sales. The NFT is gaining a lot more money than you'd expect.

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