'Fortnite' Lara Croft Gold Style: Where to Find Lady Orelia, and How to Unlock Tomb Raider Skin

'Fortnite' Lara Croft Gold Style: Where to Find Lady Orelia, and How to Unlock Tomb Raider Skin
Epic Games has brought in the NPC Lady Orelia to ultimately offer players a cool treat: a Fortnite Lara Croft Gold Style Skin! Here's how and where to get it! Photo : Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fans of the online game "Fortnite" are in for a treat.

In its latest update, Epic Games brought in the non-player character (NPC) Lady Orelia to give Oro some company. This would mean Oro will play a much bigger role in the hit game going forward.

Fans can look for the NPC Lady Orelia in a certain island all by herself. But what makes finding the new NPC quite luscious is that you will also get a humongous bonus: unlocking a Fortnite Lara Croft Gold Style skin.

'Fortnite' Lara Croft Gold Style Skin: How to Get

How do you get it? Well, Comicbook revealed that Lady Orelia has the power to grant players their wish for the skin, if certain requirements are met, apart from other distinctive weapons she can bestow. She is found in the island off the southwest coast of the map, below the Flush Factory.

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Lady Orelia is not from the mainland as rumors would have it. According to an Epic Games blog post, an ancient structure mysteriously emerged from the ocean with the "gleaming monarch offering help in exchange for a tribute of the Bars."

It added that "not everyone who sought her help has returned."

What's even more interesting than trading for high powered weaponry is that players must try visiting Orelia wearing more than one skin, as she would offer "one more bestowal in store." That offering is seemingly the Lara Croft skin, a gold version of the same skin already available in "Fortnite." To get it, players must collect her "Golden Scar."

Wearing 'Fortnite' Lara Croft Skin Is Needed to Get the Gold Style

To receive that gold skin, you must wear a previously acquired Lara Croft skin and hope you'd get a better drop than other players in the lobby. Landing is just the start of the arduous task as you need to pick up the Gold Scar at the table, Heavy.com shared.

It won't matter if you receive the assault rifle from the Bar trading or you whisk it away by force, you just need to snare the assault rifle as Lara Croft to get the gold skin after the battle finishes.

Fighting Lady Orelia seems not too difficult judging from comments from gamers in the community after the update, as Comicbook.com noted. But of course, you must compete with other players trying to accomplish that same task.

Getting the 'Fortnite' Lara Croft Gold Style Skin Is Time-Consuming But Worth It

It will surely take a lot of time accomplishing this task given that others are also seeking that shining cosmetic as Lara Croft. This is reminiscent of last season wherein getting the Predator unlocked was grueling as killing him was only the way to take it. This time, however, it would be much easier

Soon Lady Orelia would become a skin as well when more updates come, but it definitely is worth the effort to visit her to get that insanely cool gold Lara Croft skin, apart from the heavy artillery.

As noted, this task is time consuming and completing this might take the whole season to do, and it is quite understandable for players to dedicate a week to complete this.

But for those who want to get this Lara Croft skin in the first day, you may take several hours to accomplish it.

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