'Minecraft' How to Train Your Dragon DLC: How to Download New Content, Price and More

'Minecraft' How to Train Your Dragon DLC: How to Download New Content, Price and More
DreamWorks is bringing the Island of Berk to "Minecraft." "How to Train Your Dragon" DLC is now available! Here is everything you need to know about the new contents of the DLC, how much it is worth and how to install it. Photo : Leon Neal/Getty Images

DreamWorks is bringing the Island of Berk to "Minecraft."

"How to Train Your Dragon" DLC is now available. You can look forward to Vikings and Dragons, featuring Hiccup, Toothless, Stoick the Vast, Astrid, Snotlout, and more.

Minecraft is introducing Dragon riders to the game, as well. You can now capture, tame, and fly your dragons across the Barbaric Archipelago. This is only one of the many exciting contents released with "How to Train Your Dragon" DLC.

'How to Train Your Dragon' DLC Features

Slashgear reported that the "How to Train Your Dragon" downloadable content (DLC) includes story quests like releasing captive dragons, collecting and taming dragons, and event explorations to map the whole Barbaric Archipelago.

The DLC also contains 24 new skins, which will feature a lot of Viking armor to choose from. There might also be new mining kits and 100-plus home decorating furniture available with this DLC. You can also get what Minecraft teases as "a brand-new, free in-game Character Creator item."

"How to Train Your Dragon" DLC could be bought for 1340 coins in the "Minecraft" Marketplace.

How to Download 'Minecraft' DLC

You must have a registered Microsoft and Minecraft account signed in to get the DLC file. Then, head to the Minecraft Marketplace or the in-game store.

"How to Train Your Dragon" should be a featured item on the front page. If not, try to search for it in the search bar or restart and update your device to the latest version.

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'How to Train Your Dragon' Gameplay Experience

YouTuber Ersh Gem streamed her game playing the new "Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon" content. You can see in her video that you will be tasked to tame dragons by feeding and flying them.

Your dragon can even hunt and pick up things or animals midair! This will make your farming resources a lot easier.

The dragons could also attack using fireballs! However, you should be careful about what you hit, or else you might burn a lot more than what you asked for. Following the storyline will lead you to the life and quests of a full-fledged Dragon Rider.

An excerpt from the Minecraft Blog said, "I can't wait to take flight on one of the dragons - I don't want to brag, but I have been confused for Toothless on more than one occasion! The people of Berk will think they're seeing double when we soar through the skies! You can fly with all the different dragons, but if you want a change of pace or just prefer a stroll, you can explore on foot as well."

Log in, farm your Minecoins and download the DLC now! Don't miss your chance to get your own dragon and explore an entirely new world with your friend online!

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