Apple 'Find My' Network Security Hack Can Leak Data via Bluetooth: How to Turn It Off When Not in Use

Apple 'Find My Network' Security Hack Can Leak Data via Bluetooth: How to Turn It Off When Not in Use
Researchers are finding severe flaws in the "Find My" network Apple feature. Apparently, hackers can use it to attack your account and steal your data. Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Researchers are finding severe flaws in the "Find My" network Apple feature. On one hand, it is a convenient feature that makes connections and finding your Apple devices easier. But on the other hand, hackers can apparently use it to hack your account and steal your data.

Apple advertises itself as an ecosystem with seamless connections between other devices. Apple users enjoy the benefits of answering your iPhone call through your Mac or finding your AirTags through your Apple Watch. These are only some of the advantages you can enjoy in the iOS ecosystem.

However, the company has been experiencing severe security issues in the last few weeks. iOS was reportedly updated with malware bugs, and even AirTags have been tested as a tracking device. Additionally, researchers report a newly found security risk where your whole Apple Network could be used to steal your data.

Apple Find My Network Security Hack

After the release of AirTags, a security researcher named Fabian Braunlein became interested in the Find My network feature that allows Apple users to track and locate their devices. This feature notifies you of a missing iPhone or iOS gadget through other another available Apple device.

For example, you might have lost your iPhone recently. Open your "Find My" app on your Mac or iPad and you can instantly see the list of your owned devices. Besides pinpointing the lost device's location, you can remotely activate its sound to help you find the device. This works well with Apple accessories too, like your AirPods and AirTags.

Unfortunately, Braunlein found a risk. Since "Find My" transmits its location through Bluetooth signals to any other Apple device, Braunlein wrote in a Blog Post that people with sinister intents can use this network to gain access, hack, and take your personal data. For example, hackers can gain access to your identity, the number of Apple devices you own and your Apple devices' locations.

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How to Turn Off 'Find My Network'

When not in use, it is recommended that you turn off the Find My network feature immediately. Unfortunately, Apple has not made any responses regarding this security risk, so you should personally take these measures to boost your security and privacy.

To turn off the Find My network:

  • Enter your "Settings"
  • Tap your Apple ID name and scroll down to the "Find My" option
  • After clicking it open, you can see the "Find My iPhone," "Find My iPad," or "Find My iPod Touch" depending on your device used.
  • Toggle the option off, and it will indicate "Disable."

Ithinkdiff showed some screenshot images to the following steps in disabling your "Find My" feature.

Find My network is an incredibly handy feature, especially if you're the type of person who forgets where they placed their phone in these last five minutes. However, know that there is a security risk whenever it is active., so avoid using this feature, especially in public spaces.

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