Apple iOS 14.6 Release Date and Other Updates: Hi-Fi Audio, Apple Card Family Support Teased! [RUMOR]

Apple iOS 14.6 Release Date and Other Updates: Hi-Fi Audio, Apple Card Family Support Teased! [RUMOR]
As a new beta release of the Apple iOS 14.6 surfaces, we see new enticing features in the upcoming final version, including awesome Hi-Fi audio, convenient Apple Family card support and other features. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While iPhones will soon get that nasty camera bump in the forthcoming iPhone 13 rollout, its iOS is also headed for an enhanced retooling with its iOS 14.6 update. The said update is certainly something to look out for, even if it is essentially not that too different from the impressive iOS 14.5.

Unlike most leaks fans have heard from the rumor mill, there is actually something concrete to build on expectations with an available third beta version, which provided a near final look on the finished product.

However, more features are certainly about to be introduced in the next trial releases, so fans must be on the lookout.

Apple iOS 14.6 Release Date: Late May or June

But the first topic that must be addressed is when the iOS 14.6 will actually be coming out. Its release date remains sketchy, however, fans may take a hint at how Apple schedules its major iOS beta releases, which it does monthly.

Its last major beta release, iOS 14.5, actually dropped in April, so having it in around late May or in June won't be a bad guess, as Tech Radar suggested.

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Apple iOS 14.6 Update: Hi-Fi Audio

A substantial enhancement to iOS, as observed by Mac pundits testing the beta code are references to "HiFi", "lossless audio" and "high quality stereo streaming," as revealed by MacRumors. In addition, references to Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos were also discovered in a 9to5Mac report.

Previous leaks surfaced about Apple Music featuring such uncompressed, lossless audio. Moreover, with these high quality audio features surfacing at the beta stage, it surely is quite exciting to anticipate, especially for hard-core music lovers using their phones to feel that vibe. What's even more exciting to expect, based on more leaks, is that users could access Apple Music for free.

Apple iOS 14.6 Update: Support for Apple Card Family

A key feature in iOS 14.6 is its continued support for the Apple Card Family cloud-based financial service, which CEO Tim Cook introduced during the Apple Spring Forward 2021 Event.

In Apple Card Family, two people can share ownership of an Apple Card, with each having respective credit scores unaffected equally, and this means a person can improve their credit over time when he or she uses the card independently over the other. Parents can also share the card with their children, while keeping spending limits and other tools in control. Spending can likewise be monitored on the iPhone, with a single monthly bill served.

Apple iOS 14.6 Update Podcast Subscriptions

While this feature has not been part of any beta release, Apple declared a new Podcasts Subscriptions service to start in May, and obviously, fans can infer that this would be part of iOS 14.6.

It's a paid subscription service that will be advertisement-free while providing quality access to exclusive content. However, subscription is not paid one-time but rather for each individual podcast available in the service. As such, pricing will vary per podcast.

In addition, as tech journalist Steve Moser noted in a tweet, the Podcast app in the third iOS 14.6 beta release came with new features, such as the "Mark All Episodes As Played" and "Mark All Episodes As Unplayed" that address the issue in iOS 14.5, wherein you can only remove unwanted show episodes in your library by manually marking them as played and select "Hide Played Episodes." Moser also said a new "Remove Downloads" option is also available.

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