'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Secret Feature: New Discovery Changes Your Pokemon's Behavior!

'Pokemon Sword and Shield” Secret Feature: New Discovery Changes Your Pokemon's Behavior!
Many fans of the popular Nintendo Switch game "Pokemon Sword and Shield" just discovered a feature they thought never existed! Photo : David McNew/Getty Images

Two years after the release of "Pokemon Sword and Shield," fans of the popular adorable game on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite had just discovered a little-known feature that sent them into a frenzy.

'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Feature: Sociability Scores

On Twitter, a certain user "Anubis" revealed how Sword and Shield monitors the "sociability of Pokemon," with a score of 0 to 255. Apparently, the player gets more points after having the Pokemon play with others in the camp or making curry with it. Training, he added, would not affect this sociability score.

This is merely a newly discovered feature, which those good avid fans had known for so long, Dexerto.com reported. But, a greater number of players, including hard-core gamers, have realized they've missed this gem of a feature for so long.

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'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Feature: Natural Interactions Determine Sociability

As such, a Pokemon's sociability score will lead to various interactions with other characters. In Anubis' tweet, pictures were shown to stress the delineation of the social ratings-from the lowest, middle to highest. The higher it is, the friendlier they would be, and of course the opposite happens with a lower score.

While lingering at an open camp, players notice their Pokemon just simply hanging around or interact, which may look pretty random. But things aren't what they seem, ComicBook.com stressed. Anubis added that as Sword and Shield detects each Pokemon's sociability, the Pokemon may gain or lose points through their "natural interactions."

The Twitter user added that if a Pokemon, for example, fight in open camp, the sociability decreases. If the Pokemons have zero sociability, "they would ignore each other."

When two Pokemons have that maximum sociability score, they would become BFFs. If one of them has a high score, yet the other has zero points, the game would just indicate that they don't get along.

'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Secret Feature: How to Increase Sociability

How do players increase their sociability? Anubis discovered that "making curry" or just simply interacting more with other Pokemon would do the trick. Yet of course, when they get into fights, the scores plummet.

This is just an adoring, life-mirroring factor that does not have any impact on other aspects of the game, especially the Pokemon battles. Yet Game Rant offered an idea of including this notable feature in future versions of the battle games, such as choosing a partner for a double battle, wherein two Pokemons fight as a team.

On talk of the new generation of Pokemon titles, it could be too early for Nintendo to make any announcement, or for any leaks to surface. Yet fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming remakes of the 2006 release, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and the Pokemon Legends game.

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