Apple iOS 15 Rumor Teases New Food Tracking Feature, Notification Setting: How to Join WWDC21

Apple iOS 15 Rumor Claims New Food Tracking Feature, Notif Setting: Release Date, Updates and Other Leaks
Many new features and announcements--possibly including the latest iOS 15 rumor about Food Tracking features and notifications settings--are expected to be revealed during Apple's all-online Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021. Photo : Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Many new features and announcements are expected to be revealed during Apple's all-online Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021. New rumors even mentioned Food Tracking, Notification Settings, and Dark Mode customization features.

The WWDC21 is a key event most Apple consumers look forward to, as it is where over 300 million Apple developers gather and make major announcements about the next iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS. The announcements might also include some of the rumors and leaks about Apple available on the internet.

Apple iOS 15 Rumor

Following through the 14.6 updates, Apple is expected to bring big changes for iOS 15. A tweet from Connor Jewiss leaked some of these system changes. Note, however, that Jewiss has no previous records on Apple leaks and his information comes from allegedly "seeing" iOS 15.

Dark Mode UI is something users have asked for a while now. It should give Apple users various color options, including the iMessage bubbles and Lock Screen changes. It could also help in battery conservation and brightness settings.

Message App changes, according to USA Today, are expected to perform more like a social network instead of simply being a messaging platform. The Message App might have more connectivity options in the future.

Notification settings might also improve. Apple is working to adjust notifications received based on users' circumstances, like sleeping or driving.

Apple iPhone Food Tracking and Other Health Features

This is a significant leak that complements earlier reports like the Apple Watch acts as a blood sugar sensor (without needle pricks!). Apple has constantly upgraded its system regarding user health and well-being. The newly added features are expected to monitor eating habits and such.

Following all the upgrades mentioned above, Apple will likely build up a new and dynamic user interface. Most of their video teasers also feature apps and widgets. The incoming iOS 15 is expected to have highly customizable and personalized content based on user preferences and "mostly used" apps.

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Release Date and Updates

Keep an eye out for WWDC21! The event schedule details are now available in the Apple Newsroom and say as follows:

Apple Keynote: June 7, 10 AM PDT - New updates on all Apple platforms are scheduled later this year.

Platforms State of the Union: June 7, 2 PM PDT - New tools and technologies used in the Apple platform, Developer app, and Developer website.

Apple Design Awards: June 10, 2 PM PDT - Awarding the creative artistry, craftsmanship, and technical achievements of Apple's key contributors and developers.

The whole event would feature around 200 different sessions and one-on-one engagement labs.

Interested viewers could watch the event for free! You could stream the WWDC21 directly from Apple Park via The video would be streamed through the Apple Developer app, Apple TV app, and YouTube. An on-demand playback video would also be made available after the conclusion of the stream.

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