PS5 DualSense Controller: Spotify Hidden Feature and How to Use It

PS5 DualSense Controller: Spotify Hidden Feature and How to Use It
Apparently, your PS5 DualSense controller could be synchronized to your Spotify music! Photo : Kamil S/Unsplash

The PS5 DualSense controller has amazing haptic feedback for most games. For most players, nothing could beat the satisfaction of feeling the vibrations on a dying Boss Cinematic. However, someone recently discovered another benefit of the haptics motors. Now, you could modify the DualSense controller to play along with your Spotify playlist!

Most gamers are familiar with the haptic feedback feature available on many controllers. Often, when first opening your console, the feature is turned on by default and active during your gameplay. The haptic feedback usually responds to player combos, destruction cinematics, and the enemy boss attack sequence. Touch-sensitive gamers could even anticipate an animation sequence based on how strongly the controller vibrates.

However, another feature has been discovered! It is recommended that you immediately try it out because it's incredibly fun and entertaining. A PS5 DualSense controller could be synchronized to your Spotify music. As quoted from the article on The Verge, using the controller's feature on a Spotify app is like "listening into the world's smallest rave ever, perhaps with a few Astro Bots in attendance."

PS5 DualSense Controller Spotify: How to Use Hidden Feature

To start with, you'll need to have a Spotify account, a DualSense controller, a USB-C cable connector, and your computer on stand-by. You would need to install the Dual Sense controller driver to start tweaking with its haptic feedback, per The Verge.

  • Plug your controller into the PC via USB-C: This should automatically load up the driver.
  • Tap the Speaker Icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Set "Speakers (Wireless Controller)" as the audio output.
  • Open Control Panel then open "Sound" and select the current audio output. Open the "Properties" button from below.
  • Open "Enhancements" and check the box for "Speaker Fill" and "Apply" the changes.
  • You might need to restart the Spotify app for the haptic playback change to apply. The next time you open your Spotify and playlist, you should now feel the music, literally. If you press your ear to the controller, the haptics motors should be doing their best to play the music.
  • Bonus: If you want to listen to music while feeling the haptic feedback, plugin your headphones on the DualSense's 3.5mm jack. You should now be ready for gaming.

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PS5 DualSense Controller

There are many different Wireless controllers and accessories compatible with your PS5 gaming console. However, the default DualSense Wireless Controller remains one of the best choices, especially with its deep gaming technology innovation. Some of its excellent features include adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and a signature comfortable grip.

DualSense controllers come in three colors: White, Cosmic Red, and Midnight Black.

Most retailers have one DualSense controller packed up with every purchase on a PS5 gaming console. However, if you unfortunately broke, lost, or never received your DualSense controller, then you could consider buying a new one right now. Stocks are available from any gaming retailer's shops.

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