'Valorant' Duality Player Card: How to Claim Limited-Time Item, Crash Report and More

'Valorant' Duality Player Card: 2 Easy Steps to Claim Limited-Time Item Now!
The origin story for "Valorant" agents is about to be revealed through the exclusive Player Card "Duality." However, players have only 48 hours to claim it! Photo : Alex Haney/Unsplash

"Valorant" gamers are in for a surprise, but you only have 48 hours to get it.

The origin story for "Valorant" agents is about to be revealed through the exclusive Player Card "Duality."

It has been close to a year now since "Valorant" was first released. As one of the best first-person shooter (FPS) games developed by Riot Games, it features fantastic map, weapons and competitive gaming styles.

Unlike the classic FPS games like "Call of Duty" or "Counterstrike," "Valorant" agents flex sci-fi-like powers, skills and abilities that make the game a lot more interesting. You won't be playing with "just guns." Instead, you'll be running around with your own team of "X-Men" hybrids.

Players use characters in "Valorant" called Agents. Mobalytics reported that each agent has four unique abilities, including one ultimate. Up-to-date, there are 15 agents that you can choose to play with. Note, however, that despite the character description and abilities rundown, the game tells very little about the agents themselves.

Recently, however, "Valorant" made an exciting announcement about the game and agents' lore.

'Valorant' Duality Player Card

Posted on its official Twitter account, "Valorant" is introducing their Duality player card. The announcement has a sub-heading of "an origin story" and a bunch of instructions on how to claim it.

Along with this tweet, "Valorant" also posted a three-minute video trailer on what to expect. Surprisingly, the lore gives a big plot twist in the end.

The video trailer features the agents Killjoy, Phoenix and Viper. The description said that a year ago, these agents battled against a strange new threat in the Duelists Cinematic. The recently released trailer showed the aftermath of that battle as agents fight to prevent yet another attack. However, Phoenix ended up meeting another version of himself.

Coincidence? Cloning? Or is there a mirror world where the agents are about to meet their counterparts?

You'll have to redeem the Duality player card and complete the quest missions to get your answers! Luckily, it only takes two steps to save this card.

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2 Easy Steps to Claim Limited-Time Item

You only have 48 hours to redeem the card before the offer expires. The "Valorant" Duality card is free of charge and could be claimed by the following steps:

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, reports are coming in that the website servers are crashing. You might encounter a server error when visiting the website. Dualshockers recommended that you keep refreshing the website in the next 48 hours until you could get through. This might be your only chance to redeem an amazing player card!

Unfortunately, no other information has been provided for the event details. Updates might come anytime this week. Keep an eye out on "Valorant's" Twitter account for the latest news update on the event.

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