PS5, Xbox Series X Restock Tracker: Possible Restock Dates on Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop

PS5, Xbox Series X  Restock Tracker: Possible Restock Dates on Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop
Here are the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X restock schedules happening next week, as Tech Radar sources claimed. Photo : Kerde Severin/Unsplash

Rumors have been swirling all over Twitter recently on restocks of the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X available this weekend at Walmart, Best Buy, and other US retailers, yet a reliable restock tracker has indicated no such restocks are coming. As such it's definitely worth it to keep track of reliable restock alerts, as Forbes indicated.

PS5, Xbox Series X Restocks 'Doubtful' This Weekend

Twitter user Matt Swider, who has been monitoring the availability of consoles through extensive restock alerts that send live updates on the availability of PS5 consoles, said this is doubtful, Tech Radar reported. The tech news outfit also said sources at top retailers confirm that restocks may not be happening soon.

Weekend restocks, Tech Radar added, is very rare this year. Only Amazon, it says, had offered a restock, and it happened in the wee hours of the morning, around 3am EDT on Thursday, June 4. But it said there is a bigger chance for a restock of the PS5 or Xbox Series X during a weekday, citing multiple sources as saying several retailers offering these restocks this coming week.

Father's Day is fast approaching, and a brand-new console could be a major gift consideration, maybe prompting restocks to emerge, Texas News Today stressed in a report. But this is mere speculation and such a celebration won't compel Sony or Microsoft to drop new consoles.

Swider had receive d replies to his widely followed tracker account about Walmart and Best Buy restocks this weekend, with others claiming a PS5 virtual queue will happen Sunday. With Tech Radar sources dispelling such rumors, including the fact that Sony does not release restocks on weekends, would make these reports hard to believe.

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PS5, Xbox Series X Restock Schedule

Yet TechRadar sources hinted at actual restock dates next week. Walmart will restock its PS5 and Xbox Series X on June 10 at 2:30pm EDT. Such hints are definitely believable as Walmart normally issues restocks of the PS5 and Xbox Series X on Thursdays this year. Following Swiderr's Twitter account would provide you with advance notice about restocks in Walmart, including the date and time they will be available.

Best Buy just had its restock event on June 3, and chances are a repeat won't happen very soon. But it's still worth following your trusty restock tracker to know when they will offer it again.

Restocks at GameStop is rumored to arrive anytime next week, and this is definitely something that is very likely given that restocks of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X happened three Wednesdays in a row. These restocks at GameStop usually drops at 2pm EDT, and purchases are all online-only. In offering restocks, Gamestop would send alerts to keep gamers updated.

Target is another retailer expected to release restocks next week. The exact date is unknown, but such restocks normally come at 7:40am EDT, and is also online-only. Previous restocks at Target happen every Wednesday or Thursday, so we have a good idea on the days to expect their restocks-either June 9 or June 10-normally at around 7:40an EDT.

As for the Sony Direct PS5 restock, the last event was around half a month ago, and it seemed to be the last one, Tech Radar further noted, as Sony has halted PS5 sales due to supply woes. And for sure, no restocks will happen from Sony Direct in the next weeks, or months. Even if this is highly unlikely, a Sony Direct restock can still be monitored by awaiting for an alert.

You can follow Matt Swider's Twitter account to get the latest on PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks.

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