PS5, Xbox Series X Restock News, Buying Tips: Experts, Successful Buyers, (Even) Scalpers Share Secrets on How to Get One Before 2022

PS5, Xbox Series X Restock News, Buying Tips: Experts, Successful Buyers, (Even) Scalpers Share Secrets on How to Get One Before 2022
Getting the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X might be increasingly difficult due to supply issues, enormous demand, but all is not lost--helpful tips are available to still know when to restocks are available. Photo : Charles Sims on Unsplash

Snagging the Playstation 5 or the Microsoft Xbox Series X might be a terrible drag, and this slowdown make take up to next year, USA Today noted, due to enormous demand, supply issues, component availability, and reseller action. However, you can still get the chance of getting these next-generation consoles by following these tips from supposed scalpers provided by Forbes in buying them before 2022.

PS5, Xbox Restocks: How to Setup a Restock Alert System

First, you need to setup your own restock alert system using the StreetMerchant, a widely used service that offers information on stock availability of items-in this case, the Playstation 5 and Xbox X series. StreetMerchant, Forbes noted would initialize an automated version of the Chrome browser that will "simulate a human going to specific, pre-defined pages for a number of items."

The system would then check page contents if products are available or not. StreetMerchant can also be configured to send users notifications via email of SMS if it finds items in stock, Forbes added. You can also check with retailers if they have restock alert notifications to know when these items become available right away, Tech Radar noted.

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How to Set Up Browsers to Autofill Payment Details

After getting setup with restock alerts, next you need to be complete prepared in immediately making that purchase. A key tip is to use autofill features in your browser and have your payment details and address information stored. This will help you checking out in a few seconds, beating other users who may have utilized bots for their purchasing.

Following PS5 and Xbox X Series Restock Accounts, Joining Communities 

Another important tip is following restock accounts on Twitter to keep yourself immediately updated on the PS5 and Xbox X series restocks, and maybe join restock communities on messaging and social media platforms to have the inside track on item availability. In restock communities, you can find further tips an d tricks for particular websites to quicken the purchase process. You can find, for example, links that go straight to adding the console to cart. This will save you time from navigating through the retailer's site to just find the item and add it to cart.

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PS5, Xbox Restocks Tracking: Dedicating Time, Effort Needed

If you would track these restock communities and eventually get a tip, you would certainly need a lot of time to finally snag that console. There are a lot of notifications, wherein you have to click links right away. Such tracking, which may take you to several sites, means interrupting your current activity to purchase the item instantly. But it would be worth your time, since a lot have gotten their coveted consoles by just waiting for that sudden alert to lead you to an available console.

The most impractical option, Forbes said, is using a bot, which may give you that immense headstart to get to an available console for purchase in seconds, yet costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, and this may cost more than getting a scalped or marked up second-hand console.

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